Maaz Aslam Khan

I always see opportunities where there are challenges.

Maaz Khan was looking for a company that understood the meaning of Digitalization. Instead of Silicon Valley, he ended up at Viessmann in northern Hesse. As Head of B2B Digital Services, he now has the opportunity to directly work on seamless digital offerings for our partners.

Maaz has already accompanied the company during the digital transformation during his role in the innovation management and later as a strategic assistant to the CEO. He is now taking on the new challenge of driving the further expansion of Digital Services in close collaboration with our partners. They are of great importance for the business which designs living spaces for generations to come.

Maaz is exactly where he wanted to be. “I was looking for a company that was fully focused on digital transformation. That’s how I discovered Viessmann,” he says. “Many companies are turning their attention to this issue. But only a few are pushing it as comprehensively as we are.”

Driving digitalization is his thing

Since Maaz joined the company, English has been spoken at the Viessmann Board meetings. Maaz comes from Lahore, Pakistan, and studied in Turku, Finland, because back then Nokia was the benchmark in mobile technology. He joined Viessmann in 2016 and first of all helped initiate digital projects, ranging from digital sales & purchasing to people and leadership development in the Digital Task Force. “We worked on an insane number of projects,” he says. He then took over the management of Viessmann’s internal learning and development program. “We had various training programs, but nothing was digital.” It’s different now: Digital Enablement and Education Program, DEEP for short, is the name of the platform today that provides digital expertise to employees who had none previously.

Digital touchpoints will have a significant positive impact on the development of climate-neutral climate solutions in the future and here I have the opportunity to reshape these digital and sustainable solutions.

Maaz Khan Head of B2B Digital Services

Later, Maaz was also involved in setting up the VC/O business unit and worked for three and a half months in Business Development. “I helped to develop the focus areas of Mergers & Acquisitions and Property Tech, the foundation of VC/O.” Then he moved on to Innovation Management, where his role was to find start-ups that Viessmann could work with. The aim was to positively change the corporate culture and accelerate development processes in open innovation projects. Most recently, he worked as Strategic Assistant to the CEO for two years, supporting Viessmann’s digitalization drive. Currently, he is working on operationalising the B2B Digital Service Strategy. He sees this as a great opportunity to have an impact on redesigning digital solutions that “not only make life easier, but also have a positive impact on climate change.”

Maaz’ mission is not over yet

And although many people think more of Berlin than of northern Hesse when they think of start-ups and digitalization, Maaz has stayed in Allendorf (Eder). “I wanted to,” he explains. He has been married since June 2019 and lives with his wife in nearby but even smaller Dodenau. “Allendorf is a great place to work,” Maaz believes. “That may sound crazy to some people. But in Finland I got used to living in a quiet and peaceful environment. I like it here.” Allendorf is also continuously gaining new attractiveness by bringing new changes, such as open workplace structures and the new employee restaurant “Vi”.

Allendorf is a great place to work.

Maaz Khan Head of B2B Digital Services

Maaz is always looking for new challenges which is why he greatly appreciates the fact that Viessmann has always made it possible for him to develop professionally over the past years. He now wants to pass on this freedom to his own employees. His mission “is not yet completed.”

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