Digital Services

Innovative tools for customers and partners

Convenient control, commissioning, and maintenance of systems

Our digital services are a central component of the integrated Viessmann solution offering. The applications assist customers in managing and optimizing their energy and climate systems. Our skilled trade partners benefit from easy commissioning and maintenance. In this way, the services contribute to increasing user convenience, operational safety, and energy efficiency.

We Embrace Digitization and Connectivity

Throughout our history, we have viewed challenges as opportunities for innovation and progress. This holds true for the energy transition as well as the increasing digitization of everyday life. To actively shape this transformation, we laid the foundation for a strategic realignment of our core business early on – moving away from pure heating technology toward an integrated solution offering that connects our origin and future in a clear structure.

Digital services as part of the Viessmann solution offering

We continually strive to provide our customers and partners with the greatest possible benefit and convenience. This is evident in our integrated solution offering, which connects products and systems with digital services and is complemented by our Value Added Services. The basis for connectivity is the "Connectivity Inside" Wi-Fi interface, which has been built into all new devices since 2004. With the communication module Vitoconnect, we offer the possibility to connect even older systems.

Applications for Customers and Partners    

Whether it's regulating room temperature in one's own home or addressing recurring maintenance tasks for end customers - our digital services make it even easier for system owners and skilled tradespeople. This is because the functions can also be accessed using a smartphone or tablet, increasing flexibility and convenience for both parties.

Services for system owners

With the intuitively designed Viessmann ViCare App, users can conveniently operate and monitor their own system over the internet. Adjusting temperatures by heating circuits or rooms using voice assistants is just one of the functions. Additionally, it's possible to program switching times for heating and hot water preparation. The app also allows real-time monitoring of system parameters, such as gas and electricity consumption or solar yield. ViCare Plus offers additional features. The integrated "Savings Assistant" helps save energy and heating costs: Comprehensive energy reports provide detailed forecasts and insights into actual consumption, while the Heating Curve Assistant optimizes potential for improvement.

All information about Viessmann systems, and beyond, is gathered in our online database, ViBooks. In addition to user manuals, you can find data sheets and short brochures with comprehensive product information, as well as brochures with interesting content about energy and climate solutions.

For system owners and those aspiring to be, we offer our TÜV-certified Building Energy Savings Check, providing a quick and easy way to assess individual modernization and savings opportunities. Various modernization options can be compared in terms of consumption, costs, and CO2 emissions.

Services for partners

With Viessmann ViGuide, we provide our skilled trade partners with a central control tool, allowing them to monitor their customers' connected systems at any time, without needing to be on-site. Remote monitoring enhances efficiency and simultaneously expands service offerings, as issues can be identified early and often resolved remotely, saving valuable working hours. Depending on the chosen service package, the functionality can be expanded. This includes providing tips for optimizing system settings that can be passed on to customers. Moreover, ViGuide enables quick access to other Viessmann apps, such as the online ordering system, the spare parts app, and ViBooks.

The Spare Parts App supports our partners in on-site service – from system registration to availability checks and ordering of required components. Products and related spare parts are quickly identified through barcode scanning.

Through the online database ViBooks, our partners have access to a variety of documents. Connection diagrams, service manuals, price sheets, and maintenance checklists are just a few examples. The internal search or navigation leads to the right results. Continuous maintenance ensures that up-to-date documents are always available.


The exclusive platform for our skilled trade partners consolidates all functions in one place. Here, they can view the status of connected systems, manage orders and deliveries, or utilize planning and quoting tools as well as internal Viessmann training offerings.

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