Andreas Schneider

It is my absolute dream job.

As a service technician, Andreas Schneider is the most important point-of-contact for our partners. With his technical know-how, he ensures that Viessmann’s innovative climate solutions function optimally.

Andreas’ workday starts at 6:45 a.m. right outside his front door in Modautal, Hesse. That’s where he parks his company car, which is a storage facility and his own personal mobile office. “We start our day at home, and we end it at home. That way, we can work effectively from the very first minute,” Andreas explains. All the materials that Andreas might need for the next day’s work are delivered to his car overnight. According to Andreas, it’s the little things like this that he appreciates about his job at Viessmann.

As a service technician, Andreas supports Viessmann partners across the Frankfurt region. “Whether it’s a single-family home, a school or a farm – as service technicians, we are everywhere that Viessmann solutions are,” Andreas concludes. His specialties are commissioning, wiring support, maintenance and repair of existing systems, but no two workdays are the same. Currently Andreas often works with Vitocal heat pumps, which offer not only heat but also cooling, and which supply buildings with warm water. However, solar thermal, photovoltaic systems and oil and gas systems are also within his remit.

Continuing to develop is a top priority.

Andreas knows his way around climate solutions of all kinds: He is a trained central heating and ventilation technician who has worked in the field of customer service for over 20 years. “Even during my apprenticeship, I dreamed of working for Viessmann one day – they’re number one in heating and climate solutions,” Andreas says. In 2018, the time had come: “I wanted to develop myself further and simply to do something new”. He found his way into Viessmann with a speculative application.

“It’s my absolute dream job in the current situation,” Andreas emphasizes. But he has clear ideas for his career path: “I want to develop myself further in the company from a service technician to a system technician”. Andreas’ drive and motivation help him fit in with the team, as Viessmann emphasizes further training opportunities and offers a whole catalog of development courses – both online, and on-site.

Teamwork – even across great distances.

At Viessmann’s Frankfurt branch, Andreas is part of a team of more than ten service technicians. However, he spends most of his time on-site with customers, and with his colleagues on larger projects. “When new colleagues start, we take them with us and train them,” Andreas explains. That’s how it was for him, too.

Andreas started at Viessmann in 2018 with a six-week training course in Allendorf (Eder). There, Andreas was able to learn the ropes with a wide range of climate solutions. He received a certification as part of his training, which was covered by Viessmann. Andreas’ job requires both technical know-how and communication: From his mobile office, he makes many calls to partners and colleagues. As a service technician, he’s involved in the entire process from the planning department’s distribution of orders to contacting the after-sales team, who take customer feedback onboard.  

In recent years, we’ve grown more digital – and even closer as a family, too.

Andreas Schneider Service Technician

“Digitalization has been on the rise at Viessmann for years – it’s happening at the speed of light,” Andreas says with wonder. He can access different internal company platforms and databases digitally at any time. The corporate culture is also changing. “In recent years, we’ve grown more digital – and even closer as a team, too,” according to Andreas. “As service technicians, we are the on-site helping hands. If we don’t know what to do, we call the plant. With our colleagues, we can usually co-create a solution together”.

Andreas’ business card might as well say “Climate Hero” instead of service technician. “We commission the most innovative and sustainable climate solutions available on the market,” Andreas explains with pride. He adds, “Nothing works without the technicians who commission the systems. The best part of my day is when I’ve repaired a heat pump and see how happy the customers are that their home is warm again”.

Free time after work and on weekends belongs to his family. He enjoys touring in his caravan with his wife and children. At home in Odenwald, Andreas likes to ride his mountain bike to balance out the many hours he spends in the car each week. He also regularly meets with a few friends for jam sessions. His role? “Drums and guitar”.

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