Air Conditioning

Viessmann air conditioning systems: efficiency & comfort

At Viessmann, we are proud to extend our many decades of experience and innovative strength in the field of heating technology and building technology to air conditioning systems. The product portfolio is characterized by outstanding quality, remarkable energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technology.

Our air conditioning systems use state-of-the-art inverter technology to precisely control the temperature and minimize energy consumption. This not only leads to a high level of comfort, but also to significant energy savings. In addition, our air conditioning systems are equipped with advanced air purification systems that improve indoor air quality and thus ensure a healthy and pleasant indoor climate.

Improved indoor air quality at the touch of a button

Indoor air quality deserves the utmost attention. In contrast to many mobile devices and simple fans, which merely swirl the warm room air or enrich it with moisture, Viessmann air conditioning systems offer an effective solution. Our systems not only cool quickly, but also regulate the humidity and purify the air at the same time. The result: an indoor climate that meets the highest standards of comfort and convenience. At the same time, disruptive factors such as allergens, viruses and other pollutants are removed from the air.

The benefits of Viessmann air conditioning systems at a glance

  • Versatile functions in one compact appliance: in addition to cooling, they can also heat, dehumidify and purify air - all in one appliance.
  • Flexibility for every season and possible combinations: Our air conditioning systems can support or even replace existing heating systems. This makes them an ideal addition to your home.
  • Healthy indoor air with IDF filters: Our air conditioning systems are equipped with high-quality IDF filters that effectively clean the indoor air of allergens, viruses and other pollutants to provide you with a healthy and comfortable environment.
  • Cost-effective and energy-efficient: Our air conditioning systems are not only cost-effective to purchase, but also economical in operation, especially if you use your own electricity.
  • Quiet operation with split design: With our split design, we offer extremely quiet operation that won't disturb the peace and quiet in your home.
  • Simple operation and quick comfort: Our air conditioning systems are easy to operate and offer you quick and efficient comfort.

Comfortable temperature adjustment at any time of year

Our air conditioning systems not only enable active cooling of rooms, but also heating, especially in the transitional period. On cool mornings and evenings in spring and fall, they can serve as ideal additional heating. This gives you full control over the room temperature, no matter what time of year it is.

Maximum energy efficiency through hybridization

Optimize the consumption of your self-generated electricity. Viessmann air conditioning systems offer a clever option for integration into your existing or new photovoltaic system. This combination makes it possible to use solar energy efficiently. This is because the times when the photovoltaic system produces a lot of energy often coincide with cooling requirements. With our multi-split air conditioning system, you have the flexibility to combine several indoor units in different areas of the house to create a comfortable indoor climate.

How an air conditioning system works

The basic aim of an air conditioning system is to extract thermal energy from the room air and transfer it to the outside. Normally, heat always moves from a higher to a lower temperature level. An air conditioning system uses a refrigerant circuit that is similar to that of an air-to-water heat pump, but works in the opposite direction. The energy is transported from the inside to the outside, resulting in a comfortable room temperature.

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