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Hydrogen: Key to the energy transition

CO₂-neutral energy source of the future

Policymakers in Germany and the EU have set themselves the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2045 and reducing CO₂ emissions to zero. This can only be achieved if the combustion of the fossil fuels oil and natural gas is largely abandoned.

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Viessmann as key player in the energy transition

As an innovation leader in the industry, Viessmann has already made the efficient use of the new energy source possible.  

Tomorrow's technology – certified today

The use of hydrogen will be gradual. Nevertheless, Viessmann already offers solutions with modern gas condensing boilers and fuel cells that convert the mixture into heat and electricity easily and efficiently.

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100 percent hydrogen operation planned from 2025

Viessmann is thinking ahead: gas heating appliances and fuel cells for 100 percent hydrogen operation are already in the development and test phase. They can be easily converted from natural gas operation – and pave the way to a greenhouse gas-neutral future.

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Hydrogen in action: pilot projects and use cases

The use of pure hydrogen for heat generation is no longer too far off. Local distribution networks for 100 percent hydrogen are currently being set up as part of a number of pilot projects. In addition, there are numerous other projects for the use of hydrogen, which we present here.

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