District Heating, Commerce and Industry

Customized energy solutions for municipalities, commerce and industry

Economical supply with heat, steam and electricity

We plan and implement integrated energy solutions for our industrial and commercial customers as well as municipal facilities. The tailor-made systems enable efficient, reliable and resource-saving processes. In order to secure these in the long term, we support our customers with comprehensive services even after commissioning.

Holistic energy concept as a basis for planning

We take a holistic approach when implementing our projects. The basis for planning is therefore always an individually created energy concept that takes energy generation, supply structure and consumption into account. The analysis of all processes in the overall system forms the basis for determining potential and coordinating the system components. In this way, maximum efficiency can be achieved, resources conserved and operating costs reduced.

Focus on the customer

No two projects are the same. That's why we support our customers even after our energy systems have been installed. We are on hand to answer questions about system expansion, maintenance or malfunctions, as well as when customers need technical information. With a comprehensive service network and numerous Viessmann locations worldwide, we guarantee fast response times and a high level of system reliability and availability.

Large selection of system components and energy sources

Our customers come from the process industry, production, they are infrastructure providers or planners and engineers. The spectrum ranges from breweries and laundries to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and power plant operators. The system requirements are correspondingly diverse. Thanks to our diverse product portfolio, which includes both conventional and renewable energy sources, we are able to meet these requirements.

Viessmann Vitocal large heat pumps in the high output range use the energy stored in the ground or in the ambient air for heating. They can also be used for cooling in industrial and commercial applications - for example to air condition storage and production areas. The combination of brine-to-water heat pump and ice energy storage system allows three energy sources to be tapped at once: Ambient air, ground and solar radiation.

The sun's energy offers great potential - also in the commercial and industrial sector. With our Vitosol flat-plate and tube collectors, this can be used for heat generation and DHW heating. The individual solutions reduce the load on the main heat generator, but can also be used where only low process temperatures are required. Installation variants tailored to the local conditions guarantee an optimum solar yield.

As a renewable raw material, wood is a regenerative fuel. With their high efficiency, Viessmann Vitoligno solid fuel boilers make optimum use of the energy stored in it. Its use is particularly interesting where wood is a residual product or where it can be sourced regionally and cheaply - aspects that we also take into account during planning and coordinate the technology accordingly. The product portfolio includes pellet, log and wood chip boilers.

Our Vitobloc combined heat and power (CHP) units use the principle of combined heat and power (CHP) to generate electricity and heat at the same time. The latter is a by-product. The heat is generated during operation of the electricity generator, which is driven by an internal combustion engine. Compared to separate heat and power generation, the overall efficiency can be significantly increased. Viessmann combined heat and power units particularly show their strengths where a constant amount of heat is required - ideal for commerce, industry and municipalities.

Viessmann Vitomax large and industrial boilers guarantee an efficient and resource-saving energy supply with a high level of operational reliability. This is ensured by our many years of experience, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology at our production sites and our striving for innovation. As a full-range supplier, we ensure that our steam and hot water boilers, together with the appropriate accessories, form an efficient and future-proof unit: With the appropriate boilers, they can already be operated with up to 100 percent hydrogen.

We are working on the expansion of district heating networks

District heating networks supply individual buildings, neighborhoods or entire districts with heat, especially in densely populated areas. In addition to traditional heat generation systems, more and more renewable energies are also being used. Industrial exhaust heat can also be used efficiently in this way. The expansion of district heating networks is therefore an important key factor in the energy transition. In order to drive this forward, the German government has also defined corresponding measures in the new Gebäudeenergiegesetz (Building Energy Act). We are also aware of the importance of this and design individual system solutions for district heating for our customers.

Viessmann large-capacity boiler supplies Chemnitz with district heating

Since the end of 2018, three Viessmann double flame tube boilers have been supplying the district heating network of chemnitz-based energy supplier eins energie. Depending on demand, they feed up to 100,000 kilowatts into the network. Together with the customer, we carried out a complete retrofit.

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