+100 years of experience

+100 years of expertise for a sustainable future

For 106 years, Viessmann Climate Solutions products have been working every day to further improve climate solutions for people and the environment. Our conviction is clear: there is no future without innovative strength. That is why we actively shape how our society uses energy today and tomorrow.

Our commitment to sustainability and innovation

The world around us is changing at a breathtaking pace. At Viessmann Climate Solutions, we are always ready to meet the challenges of change and help shape a sustainable future. Our DNA is characterized by a deep enthusiasm for new things and a keen awareness of technical and economic trends.

At Viessmann Climate Solutions, we continuously set standards and develop innovative products that meet the constantly changing needs of our customers. Instead of seeing the challenges of the energy transition and digital transformation as obstacles, we see them as opportunities.

Always one step ahead

By actively tackling these challenges, we gain new perspectives and develop pioneering solutions. Our power of innovation allows us to drive the energy transition forward and provide our customers with the necessary tools to effect sustainable change. Our 106 years of expertise and experience form the foundation for our passion and know-how in tackling the challenges of the future.

Reaching the goal together

Our research and development teams, consisting of engineers, technicians, product managers, software developers and data specialists, are constantly striving to develop ever more efficient solutions. Their aim is to increase the benefits for our customers while optimizing the use of valuable resources. Digitalization is of great importance and plays a decisive role in this. It is essential for the success of the energy transition. That's why we are consistently focusing on the digitalization of our processes, solutions and services to ensure our success.

Climate-friendly solutions for all areas

Our heating systems are characterized by their exceptional efficiency. In addition to our outstanding heating systems, we also set the highest standards for power generators and cooling systems. We are aware that these technologies impact greatly on our environment. For this reason, we develop climate-friendly solutions with a focus on sustainability.

Ready for the future

At Viessmann Climate Solutions, we take pride in our 106 years of expertise and experience. Through our continuous innovation and product development, we are climate heroes for the present and the future. We focus on climate-friendly, sustainable and innovative solutions to drive forward the energy transition and enable a sustainable energy supply.

The development of Viessmann Climate Solutions heat pumps since 1978

Highly efficient and innovative heat pumps are a central component of our climate solutions. We launched the first air source and brine/water heat pumps back in the late 1970s. Ever since, we have continuously worked on our heat pumps, making them more and more efficient and reliable from generation to generation. With our latest generation, the Vitocal 250-A and 252-A, we have developed a high-quality air-to-water heat pump in a monobloc design. It is particularly suitable for modernization and achieves a flow temperature of up to 70 °C.

Generation I

Clockwise from top left to bottom right: Heat pump L08, heat pump L02, heat pump WWK-02, Vitocal 300 (type BW).

Generation II

Clockwise from top left to bottom right: Vitocal 300 (type WW), Vitotres, Vitocal 350, Vitocal 350 with Vitocell 100.

Generation III

Clockwise from top left to bottom right: Vitocal 300-G, Vitocal 200-S, Vitocal 300-A, Vitocal 200-A.

Latest generation

Vitocal 250-A: The high-quality air/water heat pump in monobloc design with a flow temperature of up to 70 °C, especially for modernization. Output range: 7.3 to 8.1 kW (with A7/W35). With control generation One Base (E3). Outdoor unit in Vitographit.

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