Patrick Schardt

The trust I get from others makes my work special.

Patrick Schardt’s work is crucial to our success and customer satisfaction: As a Service Technician, he is in charge of ensuring that Viessmann’s climate solutions are in working order, wherever they may be.

Originally from Rheinland-Pfalz in southwest Germany, Patrick Schardt has worked at Viessmann since 2017. Though Patrick is in close contact with his colleagues, his own workplace looks a little different: Patrick works with customers on-site to ensure that their climate solutions run just as they should: smoothly, sustainably and with ease.

The same can be said for the workflow at Viessmann: Key technicians hold a meeting every six weeks to register pain points and discuss their workflow. They then pass this feedback to the research and development team at Viessmann, who provide further support.

Never stop learning

Before joining Viessmann in 2017, Patrick worked in customer service for nine years. Here, he found an outlet for his passion for tinkering with and optimizing systems — a passion that drives him every day. His personal motto is "never stop learning", and there’s always more to learn in his line of work.

Most recently, Patrick has been working with the Vitocharge VX3 modular power storage unit, the GridBox energy management and monitoring control solution, ventilation systems and other new solutions. Viessmann prides itself in new sustainable innovations for a livable future, including the Vitocal 250-A and Vitocal 252-A heat pumps, with which Patrick also works. As these cutting-edge projects push to the forefront of Viessmann’s climate systems, he is tasked with learning about them, understanding them and maintaining them. He has a chance to flex his know-how when new developments in sustainable solutions are introduced, but he still finds time to learn and grow professionally whenever possible: In 2021, Patrick undertook extra training and received his qualification as a system expert.

Viessmann trusts its employees

The team spirit at Viessmann boosts his motivation and helped Patrick hit the ground running from the very start. When Patrick first joined Viessmann, he was surprised by the company’s down to earth and very personal culture. “I really appreciate that we’re on a first-name basis within the company", he says. He feels like he’s trusted with his work, and he still feels like a valued member of staff even as the company's workforce continues to expand. He also appreciates the level of independence that Viessmann offers its employees. "The trust I get from others makes my work special and appreciated", he emphasizes.

I really appreciate that we're on a first-name basis within the company.

Patrick Schardt Service Technician

No day is like any other

Patrick particularly enjoys his career because of its variety. As a Service Technician and expert in his field, Patrick’s duties range from "single-family homes to large system installations". This range comes from the size and scale of the sites at which he works, but also the unique needs of his customers. As for customer satisfaction? "That’s the goal.", he explains.

Flexibility, organization and business-mindedness are indispensable to Patrick’s success as he is also responsible for stock upkeep and processing orders, as well as caring for and training new technicians in the region. In short, he’s an "allrounder", and — above all else — excellent at what he does.

After long and sometimes exhausting work days, Patrick loves to explore the local countryside on his mountain bike or on foot while hiking. In his mid-twenties, he discovered his passion for mountain biking and all the fun involved as a way to balance his work life. For Patrick, his love for bikes runs on parallel tracks to his passion for his work: there's always something new to learn, and something new to tinker with.

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