Brand Viessmann

We think design in everything we do

The secret of our success in our +100-year brand history lies in being aware of our brand identity and carefully developing it further. As a company, we are proud of our culture of innovation and co-creation in the design and development of pioneering product and system solutions.

It is our principle that the function and aesthetics of our climate solutions go hand in hand. Our products are not only developed to be future-proof, highly efficient, and user-friendly but also designed to seamlessly integrate into the architecture and design of residential and commercial buildings.

The essence of our brand

The Viessmann brand personality reflects our self-concept. We understand the individual needs of our partners and customers, respond with innovative, integrated climate solutions that are seamlessly tailored to their needs and make a resource-saving and sustainable lifestyle possible. In doing so, we feel responsible for both humanity and nature. We aim to leave future generations a livable world.

The application of sustainability and efficiency in addition to the respect for the environment has been the linking element at Viessmann for generations. Our claim 'for our climate' does not only express our commitment to climate on our planet; it also equally applies to a healthier indoor climate, which we achieve with our integrated systems and solutions in buildings.

Our design goes beyond the surface. It is not just an aesthetic expression but also a functional element that facilitates our customers' orientation in an increasingly complex technological environment.

Product and design in harmony

Together with the constructivist and graphics pioneer Anton Stankowski, we developed a universal and timeless brand and product design in 1965/66, which still characterizes our appearance today. The double S in the Viessmann logo is inspired by the spiral heat exchanger, an important component of classic burner technologies.

A visual line for Viessmann product design was also created in the 1960s. Color, especially "Vitorange," became the new standard color in boiler rooms. An expressive, unmistakable design has accompanied us ever since, and our products regularly win prestigious design awards that recognize our efforts to achieve aesthetic and technical excellence. The positive feedback from architects and building owners who have integrated our products into their projects confirms that our design approach is successful and meets our customers' expectations.

Functional graphics as a guiding principle

The main feature of our corporate design is functional graphics. We use mathematics and geometry to design straightforward and technically convincing products. Simplicity for complex systems is one of our principles. Designers and product managers work closely together at Viessmann Climate Solutions and always have the user and their needs in mind. Our products are characterized not only by ease of use, but also by easy-to-read and understandable information. Anton Stankowski developed a series of symbols (icons) that help our customers to understand and use technical processes.

A modern perspective on tradition

In the course of our digital transformation, the Viessmann Climate Solutions design team has further developed the functional graphics for use on digital interfaces and contributes to a dynamic, interactive and future-oriented user experience. This step shows that design and innovation go hand in hand. We are preserving the values and principles of our company while utilizing cutting-edge technologies and designs to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

A future-proof and reliable comfort climate for present and future generations

Our commitment to the efficient production of heating and cooling is a prime example of this approach. We understand the crucial role this efficiency plays in ensuring a livable environment for future generations. Over the decades, we have made continuous progress to realize our vision: Creating living spaces for future generations. Our innovative thinking and commitment to sustainability form the foundation on which we continue to build to create a world where people and the environment can live in harmony.

Digitalization and the future of the energy transition

We are increasingly focusing on the integration of digital technologies as they are crucial for the success of the energy transition. We recognized early on the potential in digitalization and provide our customers and trade professionals with a wide range of digital products and services.

The Technikum: a nucleus for innovation

In 2017, we inaugurated our new research and development center, the Technikum. This facility serves as the hub for the entire development process, covering the entire spectrum from the initial idea to the production of serial products. We are steadfast in our commitment to drive innovations for the energy transition and in the field of digitalization, aiming to make the world livable for future generations.

Design, quality, and a shared vision: The licensing of Viessmann Climate Solutions by Carrier

Through the combination of Viessmann Climate Solutions with Carrier, we are able to offer high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and technologically efficient solutions for residential and commercial buildings, as well as industrial applications. The product quality, the commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment are key factors. Carrier, as the parent company of Viessmann Climate Solutions, will further enable Viessmann products to lead the energy transition.

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