Bertram Lamm

Collaborating with my colleagues motivates me every day.

As a Customer Agent Sales, Bertram Lamm helps our customers and partners with all questions relating to Viessmann’s innovative climate solutions.

When the Customer Agent Sales team at the Viessmann office in Erfurt switches on their telephone system at 7 a.m., the coffee machine has been run through once already: On a normal working day, the team receives around 200 calls here, along with emails and personal consultation appointments. “Anyone who would like to join the team should definitely be communicative and stress-resistant,” says Bertram with a smile. It’s a big role to fill: Together with his colleagues, Bertram finds an answer to all questions that partners and customers in the Thuringia region have about Viessmann’s innovative climate solutions.

“With our partners, it’s often about specific orders: They need spare parts, have questions about devices or appointments with service technicians,” Bertram explains. “End customers are also increasingly interested in personal advice on sustainable heating or cooling solutions. Since the energy revolution really got started, there has been an urgent demand on regenerative energies.” Which system is the right solution for which building? Bertram is always on hand with advice, and that’s how he contributes to Viessmann’s goal of designing living spaces for future generations every day.

I am really happy here.

Bertram Lamm Customer Agent Sales

Bertram first brought his technical expertise to Viessmann in 2018. He is a trained central heating and ventilation technician and a state-certified technician for building technology, and he previously worked in an engineering office in Weimar. “As a specialist planner and site manager, you’re deeply involved in planning and there is rarely an end in sight. You turn around and the next project is already waiting for you,” Bertram says. When he was looking for a career change that would let him put his expertise to use in a different way, a classmate from his training program who worked for Viessmann let Bertram know about the opening in technical customer service. It was just the perspective Bertram needed: “Viessmann is a great brand and a big company, which is where I wanted to work.”  

Bertram’s first application was unsuccessful but he kept with it. When another job was advertised, he made a second attempt — and he’s been part of the six-person team at the Erfurt office ever since. “I am really happy here. Collaborating with my colleagues motivates me every day,” Bertram notes.

At the start, he received extensive training at the headquarters in Allendorf (Eder). The program included product training, SAP and other IT systems used by customer service in their daily work. A colleague in Erfurt also trained him on-site. This team-oriented culture is one that Bertram still appreciates today. He says, “If there’s a problem, you can always ask your colleagues — that’s great!” To help pool knowledge and share it across the broad Viessmann family, a set of digital tools are used to keep everyone up to speed.

Close collaboration across many teams

Customer service is the interface for a wide range of topics, and Bertram and his colleagues are in constant contact with many different teams at Viessmann accordingly: “We have cross-departmental workflows, and we work in collaboration with many different colleagues in our daily business — that ranges from technical service in logistics to pre-sales and accounting.”

The team shares a special, long-standing collaboration with partners in the region as well. Bertram describes it as a “professional friendship”: “You know and appreciate one another. At sports outings and other events, we chat about topics other than just the job.”

The best thing is being able to solve a problem for a customer or partner.

Bertram Lamm Customer Agent Sales

What does Bertram particularly enjoy about his job? He doesn’t have to think long about it: “The best thing is being able to solve a lasting problem for a customer or partner. Outside of that, it’s never boring because every day there is something new to do.” The bigger picture also motivates Bertram: “In day-to-day work, we are busy with many different little things. But when I zoom out, I see the added value of the job towards making the energy transition a success.”

Bertram balances his work in the office with being part of the small rural community where he lives. Here, 20 minutes outside of Erfurt, he can enjoy his free time, preferably with friends and family. In the winter, he’s drawn to snowboarding or cross-country skiing. For the rest of the year, you can find him on the soccer field.

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