Amruta Joshi

“I feel right at home here”

Amruta Joshi joined Viessmann Climate Solutions just two months before the pandemic, but with her colleagues’ support “I would never think about leaving here because I feel right at home.”

Amruta Joshi  joined Viessmann Climate Solutions as a Simulation and Test Engineer and found a new home in Allendorf (Eder). Determination is her strong suit: “If I come across a problem, I work persistently to find a solution.”

Amruta Joshi  grew up in a lively city of more than three million inhabitants, but she found a new home in Allendorf (Eder). The region left a strong first impression on Amruta – she says, “When I first came to Allendorf, I immediately liked the landscape” – and so did Viessmann Climate Solutions: While Amruta worked with automotive technology for her Master’s in  Commercial Vehicle Technology from the TU Kaiserslautern, the mechanical engineer was excited to learn about Viessmann Climate Solution’s innovative and climate-friendly solutions when searching for a job in 2019.

Amruta describes herself as persistent, and her winding career path demonstrates how this persistence pays off. As a student, Amruta worked as an intern at an agricultural machinery manufacturer in Mannheim to gain experience in the field. Now, Amruta puts her determination to good use as a Simulation and Test Engineer. She says, “If I come across a problem, I work persistently to find a solution.”

“It’s what I always wanted to do”

While studying for her Bachelor’s Degree, Amruta discovered her passion for math and technology eclipsed her interest in other disciplines. “That’s when I discovered my passion for mechanical engineering,” Amruta recalls. “I always wanted to know how the technology in cars and other machines worked.” She completed her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in Pune, her hometown in the West Indian state of Maharashtra, then started learning German to continue her studies in Germany in 2016. “Where else?” she says.  

Today, Amruta works as a Simulations and Test Engineer in the Commercial System Solutions division at Viessmann Climate Solutions, where she pushes Viessmann solutions to new heights of innovation and sustainability with hard work and determination. “I mainly work on the development of HIL simulations on Team Commercial Testlab & Research,” she explains, referring to a modular system control unit with an intuitive graphical user interface that’s used to manage various types of heating systems. HIL simulations (hardware-in-loop simulations) help test complex systems in real time, and Amruta’s work helps ensure that the innovative Vitocontrol control systems runs effectively, efficiently and without issues in practical applications. She now also works on testing the indoor control unit of the Vitocal 250-A, an air-to-water heat pump, and is in charge of writing test cases based on certain specifications, running tests, and then creating test reports.

Amruta is also involved in system simulations as well as customer-specific projects. Within these simulations, Amruta and her peers recreate real environments to test the control algorithms, parameterization and the I/Os from Vitocontrol, the central system controller, before commissioning solutions. It’s a way to test new solutions to see if they meet the high standards of innovation and sustainability. “That’s what I always found interesting, and what I engaged with in my studies. It’s what I always wanted to do,” says Amruta. “I am grateful to be working on the testing part of such products and really excited that I am also contributing towards the company's climate goals.”

“My colleagues made me feel very welcome in a city where I’d never been before”

When Amruta made the move to Allendorf (Eder), she was met with warmth and a strong sense of camaraderie and team spirit. “My colleagues received me with such kindness and were quick to help me network,” she says. After two months of getting settled on her team and in her test lab, the COVID pandemic hit. Amruta was sent to work from home along with her colleagues, but the connection she shared with her team continued regardless.  

“My coworkers and I see each other regularly during the week in our virtual team meetings online,” Amruta reports. When she wants to, she can always use the company’s test laboratory. And now that pandemic restrictions have been dropped, she can finally see her colleagues face-to-face again. “It has improved our professional as well as personal relations,” she says. “We share a lot of knowledge with each other. Working together with my team is never boring and always fun!”

For Amruta, the best part of her job is the pace of her work. “I always have the option to familiarize myself with new trends in the field of system simulation and to integrate new features. There is always something new to learn.”

Amruta feels very much at home in Allendorf outside of work as well. “My colleagues were very helpful from the very first minute, and they made me feel very welcome in a city where I’d never been before,” says Amruta. Her colleagues also introduced her to an Indian family in the area. “The family has twins, and I spend a lot of time there,” she says. “I pull funny faces for the twins and when they laugh, it makes me laugh too.”

In her free time, Amruta takes in the landscape of northern Hesse, where she hikes and explores the environment. The nature around her fills her with peace, and while she’d be keen to visit a Viessmann office in India if one were to open, she has everything she needs in Allendorf: “Sometimes people ask me why I stay in this small town. But I would never think about leaving here because I feel right at home at Viessmann Climate Solutions.”

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