Viessmann Climate Solutions

Experience, quality and innovative strength

Together we create living spaces for future generations

We work together every day to push the boundaries within technical possibilities. This is how we manage to increase the efficiency of our climate and energy solutions, conserve valuable resources and provide customers and partners with the greatest possible comfort.

Perfect conditions for a successful future

In January 2024, Viessmann Climate Solutions became part of Carrier Global Corporation. The combined expertise in the field of efficient energy and climate solutions, with a strong focus on quality and resource-efficient products, creates optimal conditions for a successful future. As a part of Carrier, we will continue to develop technologies and solutions to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Innovations for the future

We live technological progress

Innovation is the key to the future. With our efficient climate and energy solutions, we are actively helping to shape it. We influence how our society uses energy today and tomorrow.

How we drive innovation
+100 years of experience

Building on a wide range of experience

For over 100 years, we have been working day in, day out to drive technological progress. Our experience forms the foundation of our passion for constantly facing and solving new challenges.

What our DNA is made of
Quality made in Germany

We are constantly setting new standards

With our solutions, we are constantly crossing new boundaries – both technologically and geographically. Our award-winning technologies are at home all over the world.

What quality means to us
The Viessmann Brand

We cultivate our identity and values

Yesterday, today and in the future – we know who we are and what sets us apart. Nevertheless, we do not stand still. We move forward and carefully develop our brand identity.

What defines our brand
Code of Ethics

Carrier Code of Ethics

Our ethical principles and values help us to further promote and establish our culture. In doing so, we are guided by the Carrier Code of Ethics.

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