Towards a 1.5° lifestyle with OneClimate

OneClimate - the Climate Action Startup of Viessmann Climate Solutions

With OneClimate, we support you on your way to a climate-conscious lifestyle that is in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.  

The OneClimate app provides you with several tools that make your climate contribution tangible and measurable - and simple! With its action cards, climate points and the OneClimate Fund, you can turn passion into measurable progress, right on your smartphone.

The goal

OneClimate aims to transform the desire of the majority of Germans to take action against climate change into a decentralised movement via the app, which together with many small changes can achieve great things. The app makes climate protection understandable and simple. In addition, OneClimate, together with partners from the climate tech startup scene, NGOs and the pioneers of small and medium-sized businesses, makes it possible to support many effective climate protection initiatives. The motto is: Every decision creates a future - act today for a better tomorrow.

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Our mission

The heart of the app is an algorithm that allows you to swipe through a wide range of possible actions and approaches, all of which help to reduce your own carbon footprint and or increase your carbon handprint. In the app, for example, you can sign petitions from environmental protection organisations, change your consumption to more resource-saving products, learn to organise your professional activities in such a way that they actively contribute to climate protection, or support climate protection projects with a climate subscription.

After all, not all emissions can be reduced to zero or avoided. Therefore, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), CO2 storage is an important lever for offsetting unavoidable emissions. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are reduced or avoided through various projects, such as the reforestation or protection of forest areas, the promotion of regenerative agriculture or CO2-reducing technologies.

The OneClimate Fund

OneClimate is committed to supporting the most impactful carbon offset projects in Europe through the OneClimate Fund. This is a tool on the app that collects contributions from users to fund various climate action initiatives. It is a direct and transparent way to translate community engagement into measurable climate action. The focus is on systemically effective and reliable projects. It's easy to get involved - through individual contributions that fit your own life reality.

Our projects

By buying up and retiring EU emission certificates, we prevent these certificates from being used    by Europe's biggest polluters and thus reduce the amount of  CO₂ emitted annually by the industries concerned. Learn more about this project in the  OneClimate app.

This project enables farmers to store  CO₂ in their soils in the long term by switching to regenerative cultivation techniques. It also promotes biodiversity and protects crops from extreme weather events such as droughts, floods and erosion. Learn more about this project in the  OneClimate app.

With this project, you support projects of the Climate Transformation Fund that pursue the goal of counteracting climate change with innovative ideas. The fund supports initiatives in the areas of permanent CO₂ removal, emissions reduction and nature conservation.   Learn more about this project in the  OneClimate app.

By processing organic materials into plant carbon in the absence of oxygen, a stable carbon is created that can remain in the soil for centuries. This method not only permanently binds CO₂, but also improves soil fertility and water storage capacity, providing a double benefit for agriculture and the climate. Learn more about this project in the  OneClimate app.

By planting trees and afforesting forest areas, we store CO2  from the atmosphere in the trees and soil. In addition, we support biodiversity in the respective regions. Learn more about this project in the  OneClimate  app.

The future

Soon, OneClimate wants to be available across Europe to maximise the impact of the app and its users. The team believes that by coordinating many people across national borders and repeating many small changes, big change can be achieved. This is how a future within planetary boundaries is to be made possible. But of course this cannot be done alone - so the app calls on anyone and everyone who sees themselves as a co-creator of the future to send the OneClimate team their ideas, favourite climate protection actions and feedback.

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