Environmental sustainability

We take responsibility for our environment

Viessmann Climate Solutions has been putting the concept of integrated environmental sustainability into practice for decades. Our entire value chain is geared towards it. Our brand values have served as the foundation for establishing an environmental policy for the brand from which specific goals can be derived. Thanks to our environmental management system, we can realize this environmental policy with an eye to external and internal environmental standards. Our work focuses on continually improving our environmental management system. We work to make living spaces worth living in for generations to come.

The principles of action of our environmental policy

The Viessmann Climate Solutions Board has defined binding principles of action for all employees.

We improve our environmental performance

The observance of all legal regulations is our minimum standard. In order to continuously improve environmental performance, we make use of the best technology available, as long as it is economically justifiable.

We avoid polluting the environment

We regularly assess the impacts of our activities, processes, operating resources and new products and services for environmental impact.

We conserve resources

We strive to use raw materials in a resource-saving manner and employ energy as efficiently as possible. Unavoidable emissions and waste are reduced to a minimum in line with our sustainability goals.

We think in terms of life cycles

Is that sustainable? This is the question we ask ourselves right at the very beginning – from the development of our products to their production, use, and disposal. We make sure to conserve resources during production. Our heat generators excel during ongoing operations thanks to high thermal efficiency and durability. At the end of their technical service life, Viessmann Climate Solutions products can be professionally recycled and valuable raw materials looped back into the production and reusable material cycle.

Further information for suppliers can be found here.

All employees are involved

The cooperation of all employees is necessary for the implementation of the environmental policy. For this reason, employees in all areas of the company are comprehensively informed, trained and involved in the environmental protection concept.

We involve suppliers and customers

Our contracting partners must apply high environmental standards. We also train our customers on how to handle our products and inform them about relevant environmental issues.

We are transparent

Regular close contact is maintained with stakeholders about Viessmann Climate Solutions’s activities and environmental impacts.

We keep environmental sustainability in mind in our processes

Our endeavors to continually improve environmental performance are reflected in both planning and administrative activities as well as in our range of services.

We avoid operational interruptions

Appropriate preventive measures minimize operational disruptions and their environmental impacts.

We review our actions on a regular basis

Compliance with our environmental policy is regularly checked and assessed.


EMAS participants operate a standardized environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and undergo annual audits by state-approved, independent environmental auditors. In their annual environmental statement, they present their environmental data such as resource and energy consumption, emissions, waste etc. to the public in detail. They also set environmental targets and publish how their environmental performance is to be continuously and systematically improved.

The  Viessmann  environmental statement  can be found at the bottom of the page under  Downloads.  

Environmental policy

The Viessmann Climate Solutions Board has established the following principles of action for all employees.

We improve our environmental performance

We create living spaces for generations to come and in doing so, we continuously improve our environmental performance. In this context, we use the best available technology, taking into account economic viability. We view compliance with all legal regulations as a minimum requirement.

All employees participate

All employees participate in the creation of living space for generations to come. For this reason, employees in all areas of the company are comprehensively informed, trained and included in the environmental stewardship concept.

We avoid environmental pollution

Our activities, processes, equipment, new products and services are tested for environmental impact before they are used. We regularly evaluate the effects on the environment and reduce them to a minimum wherever possible and economically justifiable.

We conserve resources

We strive to use raw materials sparingly and energy as efficiently as possible. We reduce unavoidable emissions and waste to a minimum in line with our sustainability goals.

We consider environmental responsibility in our processes

Our efforts to continuously improve our environmental performance apply across planning and administrative activities and our services.

We avoid operational disruptions

By means of suitable preventive measures, we minimize operational disruptions and their effects on the environment.

We regularly review our activities

We regularly monitor and evaluate compliance with our environmental policy.

We involve contractual partners and customers

Our contractors and suppliers must apply high environmental standards. Furthermore, we train our customers in the handling of our products and inform them about the relevant environmental aspects.

We are transparent

We are in regular dialogue with stakeholders about Viessmann Climate Solutions's activities and environmental impact.

ISO 14001

The topics of energy efficiency, resource conservation and sustainable management are becoming increasingly important. Management systems according to internationally defined standards make an important contribution here. As alignment to internal and external specifications and regulations are checked within the framework of regular audits, optimization potentials are evaluated and implemented.

The standardized environmental management system that is in accordance with the internationally valid ISO 14001 standard is introduced throughout the Viessmann Climate Solutions business.  Below you find the certificates  of Viessmann Climate Solutions.

Information as per REACH regulation

The EU regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulates the obligations of producers when placing substances, mixtures and products on the market. In addition to data acquisition and registration of substances, these include the communication of information along the supply chain.

Specific obligations apply when products are placed on the market that contain "Substances of Very High Concern" (SVHC). These are substances which may be subject to authorisation after further examination by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and are included on the "candidate list" (= candidate for the list of substances subject to authorisation according to Annex XIV of the REACH Regulation).

According to the information available from our suppliers, Viessmann Climate Solutions products may contain the following SVHCs:

Aluminosilicate Refractory Ceramic Fibres-High-temperature insulation (cords, mats, plates, moulded parts)
Lead7439-92-1Modules/components with lead as alloy component togetherwith copper (brass), iron, aluminium  

We are confident our products do not pose hazards unusual to the product when used as intended, taking into account the safety instructions in the product information and implementing the usual hygiene measures (wearing personal protective equipment, washing hands, etc.).


If you would like further information about Viessmann Climate Solutions’ environmental commitment, we’d be happy to assist you. Our Environmental Compliance Officer Guido Schwab is responsible for all environmental issues  (e-mail: sbg@viessmann.com).

We are very interested in answering any questions our market partners have about environmental responsibility and keeping them abreast of our latest news. That’s why we’ve put together some further information on the disposal of waste equipment.

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