Energy and Heating Solutions

Viessmann system solutions for residential buildings

Perfect interplay of heat and electricity

The Viessmann product portfolio is built on a systemic approach. All components are pre-coordinated from the factory and designed to function as an energy-efficient complete system. Because only through a perfect interaction of all components can the full performance potential of cutting-edge technology be realized - this applies to both conventional and renewable technologies such as heat pumps, solar thermal, and photovoltaics.

Customized solutions for new and existing buildings

Local and structural conditions vary, as do the personal needs and preferences of residents. That's why we offer individual heating and energy solutions for detached and semi-detached houses, both for new constructions and existing buildings.

Heat pumps

As early as the 1970s, we developed our first heat pumps. Even though the technology has advanced over the decades, the fundamental principle remains unchanged: Viessmann Vitocal heat pumps harness the thermal energy stored in the air or ground for heating and domestic hot water preparation. This is achieved through a technical process that raises the ambient heat to a higher level. Our latest generation of heat pumps demonstrate that this is efficient even in existing buildings and sub-zero temperatures. Specifically designed for modernization, the Vitocal 250-A and 252-A achieve flow temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius.

Solar thermal

Solar thermal systems convert freely available solar energy into heat. This heat can be used for both heating support and domestic hot water preparation. This relieves the main heat generator and conserves valuable resources, especially if it relies on fossil fuels. Viessmann solar thermal systems are equipped with powerful Vitosol flat-plate or tube collectors. To prevent overheating in intense sunlight, we have developed ThermProtect. This patented and award-winning technology shuts off further energy absorption when the solar storage tank is fully heated.

Photovoltaics and energy storage

Photovoltaic systems convert the sun's free energy into electricity rather than heat. By using the generated energy in the household, electricity costs can be significantly reduced. This applies to heating costs as well when combined with an electricity-based heating system like the heat pump. Our Vitocharge VX3 energy storage system ensures even greater independence from energy providers. The modular storage system turns our photovoltaic systems with Vitovolt modules into an integrated energy system. It can be expanded, for instance, with the Viessmann Charging Station.

Domestic hot water preparation and storage

The availability of hot water is a central aspect of residential comfort. That's why we have developed a comprehensive range of various DHW cylinders and heating solutions that combine comfort and efficiency: The Vitocell program includes not only storage units designed for sole connection to a heat generator but also models that allow the integration of solar thermal systems. Ensuring efficient use of heating energy are the Vitocell heating water buffer cylinders, storing excess thermal energy for later use.

Gas and oil heating systems

The classic heat generators are intricately woven into our company's history, and even today, they remain a vital part of our comprehensive portfolio. We understand that individual circumstances call for individual solutions. However, in order to save as many resources as possible when using gas and oil, we rely on efficient condensing boiler technology. Moreover, Viessmann Vitodens gas boilers and Vitoladens oil boilers seamlessly integrate with renewable heat sources such as heat pumps and solar thermal systems, forming a hybrid solution.  

Electric heaters

Electricity and warmth are becoming increasingly intertwined. That's why we offer various solutions for residential buildings with our Vitoplanar electric heaters. The electric panel and infrared heaters quickly warm up rooms and are ideal as supplementary heating or interim solutions. When combined with photovoltaics, they can operate using self-generated electricity. If electric water heating is also desired, our Vitotherm wall storage units provide a compact solution.

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