Innovation for the future

Our innovations pave the way

Technological progress is deeply rooted in the Viessmann brand DNA. Since the brand’s inception, we have been committed to continuous innovation. Every day, we strive to optimize our energy and climate solutions.

Innovative strength is the key to the future. And we actively aim to shape it. That is why we at Viessmann Climate Solutions are working to develop ever more efficient solutions. The benefits for our customers and the conscious use of resources play a key role in this - as does digitalization. It is a crucial requirement for the success of the energy transition. Therefore, we consistently digitize all our processes, solutions, and services.

Research and development are at the core

The significant importance of innovative approaches and solutions is reflected in our Technikum. The Research and Development Center in Allendorf (Eder), inaugurated in 2017 by former Chancellor Angela Merkel, provides experts from various disciplines with ideal conditions to develop innovative energy and climate solutions.

From prototype to series maturity and beyond

From heat pumps and battery storage systems to control technology - at the Technikum, we develop prototypes to series maturity. Furthermore, we conduct stress and long-term tests to ensure the reliability and robustness of the solutions. Smart home and big data are also pivotal in the Technikum: Analyzing user and building data, we continue to advance energy efficiency.

A successful concept

The approach of the Technikum works. Several products developed there have already been successfully introduced to the market. These include, among others, our heat pumps Vitocal 250-A and Vitocal 252-A, available since 2021. They utilize propane as the refrigerant, a natural substance characterized by an exceptionally low GWP-100 value of 0.02.  In addition, our experts are working on other forward-looking solutions such as gas wall units and fuel cells that enable operation with 100 percent green hydrogen. However, we not only set high standards for energy efficiency in our heat generators, but also in our energy and cooling solutions and modern steam systems for industry.

Super Silent

Thanks to Advanced Acoustic Design (ADD), Viessmann Climate Solutions heat pumps are among the quietest in their kind. Low tones are shifted to a higher frequency range, where they are perceived as less disturbing and can be better dampened by the building structure.

Ideal conditions for innovations

With a clear, reduced, and function-oriented design, Viessmann Climate Solutions underlines the leading position of its solutions. A design that also characterizes the Technikum. Here, we have created ideal conditions for our teams to drive innovations. In addition to bright and open spaces, numerous sound-absorbing surfaces ensure a particularly low noise level. This allows possible flow or combustion noises to be identified early in the development phase.

Collaboration as the basis for success

Our interdisciplinary collaboration forms the foundation of our success. In the Technikum, teams of engineers, technicians, mechatronics specialists, designers, software developers, lab technicians, skilled workers, and product managers work hand in hand. An international research network of Viessmann Climate Solutions experts ensures additional knowledge transfer. Moreover, we closely collaborate with technical colleges and universities.

Prototyping is the starting point for product development and accompanies us throughout the entire process. From the first mock-up through various functional prototypes to the final design. We rely on a wide range of metalworking technologies and additive manufacturing processes.

In the Technikum, we extensively test heating generators, ensuring that our products meet the highest quality, reliability, and efficiency standards. We conduct durability and long-term tests to assess the robustness of our solutions in fast-track mode.

In the chemical laboratory, we analyze the process water and check the quality of the components used. For example, we carry out compression set measurements, condensate resistance tests and thermogravimetric analyses.

Here we carry out ageing and environmental simulation tests and test the mechanical strength of products. If product faults occur, possible causes are identified in the electrotechnical laboratory. In addition to vibration and temperature shock tests, we also carry out visual inspections.

In the metallurgical laboratory, we test all materials used in our heating generators. This includes the use of technologies such as the scanning electron microscope and computer tomography. Additionally, the experts in this laboratory provide advisory services. They know exactly where each material should be used.

Inspired by the automotive industry, we have designed a state-of-the-art acoustic measurement center. In the four sound measurement rooms, we measure the operating noises of all heating generators, partly through automated processes. This lays the foundation for low-noise solutions that seamlessly integrate into everyday life, almost silently.

We are working today on the solutions of tomorrow

At Viessmann Climate Solutions, we draw from  +100 years of experience. From the very beginning, our focus has been on developing solutions that surpass what is already available. That commitment remains unchanged. Today, we continue to drive innovation with our cutting-edge technologies and German-made quality, creating living spaces for future generations.

Due to their low CO₂ emissions and resource-efficient operation, heat pumps play a crucial role in the energy transition. As early as the late 1970s, we introduced our first air-to-water and brine-to-water heat pumps. Since then, we have been consistently working on advancing this future-oriented technology, harnessing freely available energy from the environment - the ground or the air.

As one of the first manufacturers worldwide, Viessmann Climate Solutions has developed gas condensing boilers that can be operated with 100 percent regeneratively produced hydrogen (H₂). What sets them apart is that the prototypes are based on condensing boilers already in series production for natural gas. This design enables future production models to operate with either natural gas, natural gas-hydrogen blends, or pure hydrogen.

As early as 2014, we introduced the first series-produced fuel cell heating system for detached and semi-detached houses to the market. The technology operates on the principle of combined heat and power. Hydrogen derived from natural gas reacts with oxygen in a chemical process, producing both electricity and heat. This way, the fuel cell heating system provides greater independence from public energy suppliers and rising electricity prices.

We embrace digitalization and connectivity

Our innovation goes beyond developing advanced solutions; we continuously strive to enhance the user experience for both end consumers and trade partners. One example: Viessmann One Base. The platform seamlessly connects various Viessmann Climate Solutions products and systems with apps and service tools, serving as a central hub for our energy and climate solutions. Physical control via smartphone or tablet is achievable through ViCare - the Viessmann Climate Solutions app for users. With integrated Energy Management, real-time monitoring of energy flows within the system and effortless optimization of connected components' operation become possible.

Innovative solutions for our partners

We aim to simplify the daily routines of our partners through our solutions, leveraging digitalization and connectivity. With Viessmann  ViGuide,  we provide them with a digital service tool for commissioning, maintenance, service, and monitoring of the systems. Once our partners gain user approval, they have constant oversight of the entire energy system, enabling them to identify and address irregularities proactively, even before they become apparent. Additional tools and services are accessible through the  PartnerPortal  - the gateway to the digital Viessmann Climate Solutions world for professionals.

Selection of our latest patents

Hydro AutoControl hydraulic for heat pumps

The patented hydraulics reduce space requirements and expedite the installation of our heat pumps. Compared to conventional models, our partners save up to 90 minutes in installation and commissioning. In addition, thanks to the hydraulics, the heat pumps adapt to almost all existing heating systems during modernization. Our heat pumps with Hydro AutoControl include the Vitocal 250-A and Vitocal 252-A.

ThermProtect overheating protection for collectors

If excess solar energy is generated, Viessmann ThermProtect prevents the collectors from overheating. This is based on a special absorber coating on our flat collectors. If a certain temperature is exceeded, the crystal structure changes, and the energy absorption shuts off.

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