Knowledge drives the energy transition

Viessmann Climate Solutions has set itself a clear goal: To be an enabler of the energy transition and to accompany the necessary change from fossil fuels to renewable energies in the building sector with pioneering climate solutions. In many cases, "rethinking" also requires "retraining": The Viessmann Academy ensures the qualification of trade partners and employees - in the company's own training rooms at the headquarters in Allendorf (Eder), on site in the sales offices.

The building and energy transition does not stop at heating technology. Almost every day, fitters and service staff at the relevant specialist companies hear customers say things like "I've looked up the new Vitocal 250 A heating system on the Internet" or "We want to control the air conditioning in our house from our cell phone". Consumers are now much more interested in sustainable products and ways of using renewable energies than they were a few years ago. Their wishes in relation to climate and energy systems are correspondingly diverse. Current trend topics such as networking, intelligent control and smart homes are naturally playing an increasingly important role for consumers. It is clear that the technical spectrum is becoming more complex and the product range broader. This requires a high level of consulting expertise.

Technology know-how for the climate

As a result, the demands on the qualifications of all market partners in the heating market are increasing and further training, knowledge transfer and the rapid processing of information are becoming ever more important. Employees and partners need to be familiar with a wide range of products and solutions, know how to combine these products into systems and be aware of their networking options and all the associated digital services.

Manuel Wohlfarth, Academy Director:  "Heat pumps are THE focus topic in the industry right now: whether as a stand-alone solution, in combination with existing oil or gas appliances or as a compact solution in our new, highly innovative "Invisible" air conditioning solution. This is why heat pump knowledge is a key success factor. The Viessmann Academy offers a wide range of courses on precisely this subject. From basic training courses to product training courses, offers for planning and design, practical seminars on maintenance and service through to interdisciplinary offers such as the refrigeration certificate or handling flammable gases. Online - or on site."

The training rooms in the Viessmann Academy

The Viessmann Academy has been imparting the relevant know-how to our own employees and those of our partners in seminars, courses and workshops since the 1960s. The Viessmann Academy was the only academy in the industry to be certified in accordance with DIN ISO 29990 (quality management system for learning services for training and further education) and still sets high quality standards today, which we ensure through an internal audit process.

Learning services. We were the first academy in the industry to be certified. Participants in the many different seminars and courses that we offer at the Viessmann Academy take their learning journey and professional development into their own hands. Regardless of whether they receive the learning content on site or via digital channels - the Academy brings everything together and offers tailor-made content to make participants fit for the future. "We are the central training center of Viessmann Climate Solutions for the specialist partners of SHK-Handerk," says Academy Director Manuel Wohlfarth. "We see great growth potential in every employee - and with the academy, we ensure that all participants can develop it."

We see great potential for growth in every employee.

Manuel Wohlfarth Academy Director

From practice for practice

The Viessmann Academy not only provides further training for its own employees, it also supports the company's partners and ensures that their employees are qualified with a wide range of learning opportunities. In this way, the Viessmann Academy also helps to secure the future of the partner companies. The Viessmann Academy is increasingly relying on digital options to impart learning content. All content is bundled on the learning platform to suit the target group. There are videos of the trainers as tutorials and even virtual learning journeys. Participants can access the content from anywhere and at any time as required. Course materials are available for download. Many of the workshops take place interactively on the learning platform. Videos on all relevant content and lecture series provide additional support.

In face-to-face formats, on the other hand, the learning content is taught in a compact and short time - both theoretically and through practical exercises. Participants in the relevant courses work interactively in small groups on practical case studies and on the device. All seminar locations are equipped with a variety of products, models and supporting media technology. In this way, participants learn how to use our planning and operating instructions and our digital tools from practice for practice.

In addition, the Academy's training concept is constantly evolving and new learning methods are quickly established. This modern, precisely coordinated learning world of digital and analog formats is extremely efficient, with the combination of formats also increasing the personal motivation of the participants. "We are constantly developing new content and formats for and with you. We promise you: you will notice the difference, especially with all the new topics that we train. And: Learning with us is fun. Try it!" says Manuel Wohlfarth.

We are constantly developing new content and formats for and with you.

Manuel Wohlfarth Academy Director

Knowledge makes solutions for our climate

Viessmann Climate Solutions is one of the world's leading manufacturers of energy systems. Many years of experience and an integrated range of solutions form the basis for a broad foundation of knowledge. The Viessmann Academy is also a multiplier of training content: As soon as new products are launched on the market, charts, trainer guides, learning videos and other material are created for them and also prepared for international training courses. For one simple reason: every year, over 100000 participants take advantage of the Viessmann Academy's live training courses internationally and over one million participants use on-demand content.

The Viessmann Academy is the first academy in the industry to be certified to DIN ISO 29990 and continues to set high quality standards, which we ensure through an internal audit process.

The Academy in Allendorf and all German training locations are certified in accordance with DIN ISO 29990.