Core values at Viessmann Climate Solutions: Embracing continuous transformation

The global energy transition can only be mastered if businesses think, act and work together globally. From the outset, Viessmann Climate Solutions’ culture has been defined by a strong sense of unity. With the way we work and run our company changing rapidly in the twenty-first century, we ensure that our  employees feel well equipped for the rapid pace of change. Our core values – responsible, team-oriented, entrepreneurial – provide a solid foundation and framework for everyone at Viessmann Climate Solutions. This trio of values underpins our daily conduct, collaboration, and overall success. What’s more, our open and progressive corporate culture gives employees the space to discover and try out new things and combine their personal interests with our shared goals.

Viessmann Climate Solutions has undergone extensive change in recent years. This change means that we will continue to develop our working environment in the future. These changes are not an end in themselves. Our fervent aim is to create living spaces for generations to come. As part of this endeavor, we constantly review our corporate values. We update them where necessary, enhance certain aspects, and preserve those elements that have consistently proven effective over the years. We never lose sight of our company’s heritage or traditions, and we never leave anyone out. At Viessmann Climate Solutions, we’re all working towards the same future.

Responsible, team-oriented, entrepreneurial. These three core values guide Viessmann Climate Solutions’ employees as they define the future

Our values

At Viessmann Climate Solutions, we foster an inclusive environment for all, cultivate diverse talents among employees, and utilize different perspectives. This ethos is encapsulated in our three core values: responsible, team-oriented, entrepreneurial. Each of these core values can in turn be broken down into three specific areas that help everyone at Viessmann Climate Solutions to build a personal relationship with the company’s overarching goal.

Responsible: Reliable, sustainable, honest

At the forefront is responsibility, which means acting reliably, sustainably and honestly. This triad contributes to an ethically sound approach that ensures the sustainability of our success and strengthens the trust of our customers and business partners. This holistic approach provides our employees with an environment in which they can also pursue their personal goals and interests in harmony with the company’s values and objectives.

Team-oriented: Respectful, transparent, inclusive

Adopting a team-oriented approach, we value respect, transparency and inclusivity. Each individual contributes to a corporate culture characterized by openness and diversity, in which everyone – regardless of their differences – feels welcome and valued. We focus on building the best teams, who share their resources, time and recognition. The golden rule is that everyone treats others as they would like to be treated themselves.

Entrepreneurial: Innovative, customer-oriented, fresh solutions

Our workforce embodies an entrepreneurial mindset, marked by innovation, customer focus, and the ability to devise novel solutions for both new and familiar challenges. A passion for manufacturing excellence and a customer-oriented development approach are essential success factors that drive all employees. This also includes what we call Vx. It’s reflected in the perspective that we encourage each individual to adopt.

The unifying principle: Co-creation

“We create living spaces for generations to come.” Our purpose encapsulates our raison d’être and describes what Viessmann Climate Solutions stands for worldwide. Responsible, team-oriented, entrepreneurial action forms the basis of our work. Our most powerful tool is co-creation. Through the principle of co-creation, we systematically forge opportunities to make a constructive impact and preserve our planet – in everything we do. The closer we work together, the more we are a part of this approach. Whether working digitally or on site, at our desks or out in the field, internally within our company or externally with our partners – through co-creation we achieve better results than would be possible alone.

The key to successful co-creation is communication. Vi2Go, our primary communication app, plays an important connecting role here, as do the ‘State of the World’ meetings. These monthly gatherings bring the entire company together, offering insights into current trends and foresight into future developments. The forum also provides an excellent opportunity to show appreciation, setting an example for the team-oriented, transparent attitude that we want to inspire our employees to adopt.

However, direct communication is essential for another reason. The way we work at Viessmann Climate Solutions is an agile process, characterized by flexibility and the pursuit of  continuous improvement. For our managers, this means setting a good example and acting in accordance with the values that we cultivate in our working environment.  

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