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Finding mobile heating solutions just became easier and faster

With the new MobileHeating booking platform that has now been launched, mobile heating centers can be rented two to three times faster than before. Price details and information on availability also ensure a transparent booking process.

The new MobileHeating booking platform
  • MobileHeating by Viessmann Climate Solutions launches new booking platform  
  • The new platform makes it easier and up to three times quicker to rent mobile heating centers
  • Transparent information on pricing and availability

Allendorf (Eder), Germany, 5/27/2024 – Whether for providing heat during construction, drying out buildings, or if the existing heating system fails, temporary heating systems are indispensable for a number of applications. Demand for mobile heating systems is growing rapidly, but finding and renting the right heating system is time-consuming and can take a longer than expected. The new MobileHeating booking platform from Viessmann Climate Solutions streamlines this process, reducing the time investment to just a few minutes by displaying prices and current availability, thus ensuring maximum transparency.

Viessmann Climate Solutions is part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the world’s leading provider of intelligent climate and energy solutions.

One-stop shop: manual price inquiries are a thing of the past

“Last year, we identified numerous opportunities for improving the overall rental process. Customers often need immediate solutions and clear information with regard to costs,” says Baris Buchholz, Business Development Manager. “By working closely with our customers, we’ve reduced the process to just a few minutes, allowing them to focus more on other areas of their business.”

The new MobileHeating platform is a one-stop shop for mobile heating systems across the entire industry and has made manual price inquiries are a thing of the past: Rental prices are now immediately visible on the platform, enabling companies to gain an instant overview instead of having to wait for a reply. In addition, the new platform shows the availability of temporary heating centers and gives users access to the comprehensive product catalog of over 50 providers so that they can see at a glance which systems are available. Bookings are made directly through the MobileHeating platform.

“Through MobileHeating, we were able to quickly rent a mobile heating center to ensure the long-term heat supply of a retirement home,” Mike Wendler, owner of specialist company Mike Wendler Sanitär- Heizung- Klima from Krostitz and one of the first users of the new platform, says about his positive experience

Central access to the leading suppliers of mobile heating solutions

MobileHeating’s new platform helps customers to rent temporary heating solutions within minutes by offering central access to the leading suppliers of mobile heating solutions across Germany – including mobiheat, HOTMOBIL, Mobile Wärme 24, Bautrocknung matter, MINKNER, Energie Express, Qio and others.

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About Viessmann Climate Solutions

Founded in 1917 as a heating technology manufacturer, Viessmann Climate Solutions is today a global leader in efficient and systems-based climate (heating, cooling, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions. The integrated solution portfolio of Viessmann Climate Solutions seamlessly connects products and systems via digital platforms and services to a holistic climate and energy solution, creating a safe and reliable environment for users. Viessmann Climate Solutions is part of Carrier Global Corporation, a global leading provider of intelligent climate and energy solutions that will become relevant for our planet and its inhabitants in the future. Further information at


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The new MobileHeating booking platform: A quick and easy way to find mobile heating solutions with clear pricing and availability information.

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