A milestone in the regional energy transition: Stadtwerke Stralsund builds one of the largest solar thermal plants in Germany

This innovative project, which will be realized on an area the size of five soccer pitches, marks another significant step towards a sustainable energy supply for the Hanseatic city of Stralsund.

The photo shows a large solar thermal system in Lemgo; the system in Stralsund is to be even larger.

Stralsund, May 16, 2024 - The SWS Stadtwerke Stralsund group of companies announces the start of construction work on the third-largest solar thermal plant in Germany. This  innovative project, which will be realized in an area the size of five soccer pitches, marks another significant step towards a sustainable energy supply for the Hanseatic city of Stralsund.

The plant, which is being built behind the Strelapark, will produce more than 11 GWh of heat and will thus cover more than 10 percent of the network requirements of the Knieper/Grünhufe district heating area. The first solar modules will be installed in 2024. The commissioning and feed-in to the grid are planned for mid-2025.

“With the solar thermal plant, we are taking another decisive step in our strategy of supplying Stralsund with sustainable and environmentally friendly energy - cost-effectively and independent of the energy markets - and show how innovative and efficient energy solutions can make a real contribution to climate protection,” says Anselm Drescher, Managing Director of the Stadtwerke Stralsund Group.

The plant is being installed by Viessmann Deutschland GmbH, a company of Viessmann  Climate Solutions SE, which in turn is part of Carrier Global Corporation - one of the world's  leading global providers of intelligent climate and energy solutions. The company was able to  win the European tender.

Dr. Frank Voßloh, Managing Director of Viessmann Germany, emphasizes the importance of the  cooperation: “We are proud to have been selected for the development of the third largest  district heating system powered by solar thermal energy in Germany. The potential of solar thermal energy as part of the district heating supply in Germany is very great - both from a social and a financial point of view.”

The construction of the solar thermal plant is part of the extensive efforts of Stadtwerke  Stralsund to use sustainable heat sources and to continuously increase the share of renewable energies. Projects that have already been implemented include a power-to-heat plant, which converts surplus electricity, e.g. from wind energy, into heat, and the modernized combined heat and power plant in Prohner Strasse, which is one of the most efficient of its kind in Germany. These measures have increased the share of renewable energy to 30 percent to date.  This means that the target set for district heating by the German government in the Heat Planning Act from 2030 has already been achieved.

“In the future, this new plant will be able to cover the summer base load for hot water supply in the district heating network,” says Mayor Alexander Badrow. “However, our municipal utilities are also ensuring that we are gradually making Stralsund more independent in terms of heat supply. In the area of the harbor island and Frankenvorstadt, for example, heat pumps will be used to extract heat from wastewater and in the Tribseer Vorstadt area, waste heat will be used from the biogas plant.”

These and other projects underline Stadtwerke Stralsund's commitment to a cost-effective and climate-friendly heat supply for the citizens of Stralsund.

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Solar thermal plant in Lemgo – the solar thermal system in Stralsund is to be even larger

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