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Rising energy costs: Taking the right steps now can save you a lot by the end of the heating season.

Allendorf (Eder), Oct 25, 2021 – Consumers have to prepare for soaring costs in this year’s heating season. Sharply rising energy prices, the carbon tax on fossil fuels and inflation are driving up heating costs. But good news! Taking the right steps before winter can save you a lot by the end of the heating season.

Track down the energy thieves

All it takes is one quick glance around the home for tenants and homeowners to spot “energy thieves.” Top of the list: keeping windows tilted open to constantly ventilate your home. It is far better to air out homes several times a day using a “full ventilation” method, i.e., opening the windows all the way for about five minutes and then closing them again. Make sure to turn off radiator thermostats while airing out your home. Also, check whether radiators are covered by furniture or dense curtains, which can keep heat contained behind them instead of it spreading evenly throughout the room. The usual response is to turn up the thermostatic valves unnecessarily.

Lower the temperature when away or at night

One particularly effective way to keep heating costs under control, even with rising prices, is to lower the thermostat when very little heat is needed – for example, at night or if you are away for an extended period of time. Heating times can be set easily on the controls of modern Viessmann heat generators without having to read the operating instructions.

It’s even easier if you’re also using Viessmann’s ViCare app. It lets you set heating times and temperatures conveniently on your smartphone. You can swipe to select the desired room temperature and switch between normal and reduced temperature modes with the tap of a finger.

A new function will soon make conserving energy even easier: The app recognizes when you leave home and automatically lowers the heat output if no one is at home. It increases it again as soon as anyone from your household approaches the house. This not only ensures maximum comfort but most notably slashes energy consumption. The ViCare smartphone app can control virtually all Viessmann heat generators that are connected to the internet. The free app can be downloaded from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play.

Smart radiator thermostats conserve costly energy

One small investment will increase savings even more: Replacing conventional radiator thermostats with smart ViCare thermostats can slash energy costs up to 15 percent. For example, the “open window” function on a smart thermostat recognizes when a window is open in the room and then automatically lowers the temperature of that room’s radiator so that no precious heat escapes unused.

ViCare thermostats can be installed on any standard radiator in just a few simple steps. You can then fully control every radiator in your home via the ViCare app, even when you’re at the office or on vacation. Smart radiator thermostats let you set the desired temperature in every room where they are installed. The more radiators are equipped with ViCare radiator thermostats, the more control you have – and that translates into more energy savings and more comfort at home.

Attractively priced starter packages make it easy to get started with ViCare Smart Climate single room control system. All ViCare components communicate wirelessly with the internet interface, so rooms can be added at any time without having to run cables.

Regular servicing

Another important step in cutting heating costs is having the system regularly serviced by a heating contractor or Viessmann service technician. These experts can often achieve significant savings right then and there by simply adjusting the heating curve and replace wearing parts where necessary.

Another potential source of great improvements in safety and efficiency is Vitoguide. This digital service tool allows a specialist company to monitor your heating system at your request. With Vitoguide, specialist partners constantly keep an eye on your system and can detect possible irregularities and increased energy consumption at an early stage, often long before heating system users notice anything. Specialist installers can correct settings and shift the heating curve right from their computers to keep the heating system running optimally at all times. This often completely eliminates the need to make costly, time-consuming trips to the heating system site.

Automatic flow balancing

Another secret to operating a heating system as economically as possible is automatic flow balancing. This function, which is set up by a specialist installer, ensures that the boiler supplies all the radiators with just the right amount of heat to warm each room evenly. Without automatic flow balancing, radiators closest to the heat generator frequently receive too much heat, while the radiators further away receive too little – and thus the only way to heat those rooms enough is to turn the radiator thermostat all the way up. This results in unnecessarily high energy consumption. Automatic flow balancing, on the other hand, can increase heating efficiency by up to 15 percent.

Automatic flow balancing is quick and easy when you combine ViCare radiator thermostats with a Viessmann heating system and the ViCare app. The entire process is handled automatically over the wireless connection to the heat generator (also as a standalone system without a heat generator when combined with the Vitoconnect OPTO2 internet interface). That means it can be completed very quickly, even during modernization. The heating curve is also automatically adjusted as soon as a set temperature is entered for each room in the ViCare app.

Energy-saving guide

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Rising energy costs: Taking the right steps now can save you a lot by the end of the heating season.

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VRising energy costs: Taking the right steps now can save you a lot by the end of the heating season.

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Small investment, huge effect: You can save up to 15 percent on energy costs by using smart ViCare thermostats instead of conventional radiator thermostats.

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Regular servicing and automatic flow balancing to optimize the system are essential for maximizing heating savings.

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