Viessmann plays an active role in the energy transition

Today, we already offer solutions for single-family and multi-family homes that ensure an affordable and efficient heat supply in the future. After all, not every house is suitable for heating with a heat pump or electric heating system.

Viessmann is H₂-ready – see for yourself in the video:


Committed to the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Viessmann and leading energy experts are campaigning for the widespread consideration of hydrogen to achieve a secure supply and affordable energy and heat transition. To this end, Viessmann, together with representatives from business, science and civil society, is involved not only in the National Hydrogen Council, but also at the European level. Viessmann is part of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (ECH₂A), whose goal is to utilize and further develop the potential of hydrogen as a CO₂-neutral energy source.  

The EU Commission is now proposing a clear legal framework for H₂-ready appliances in the EU internal market. This supports a cost-optimized switch from fossil gas to future-proof, CO₂-free gases.

Information on hydrogen in the heating sector

Study for download: The role of hydrogen in heating buildings

This brief study elaborates on key aspects that have so far been given too little weight in the current debate on the issue of decarbonization of the heating market. Available in german language.

The role of hydrogen in heating buildings (338 KB) pdf (pdf 329 KB)

Study for download: Grüngaslösungen in Sanierungen (German Language)

Study on the economic efficiency and social compatibility of different climate target-compatible solutions for existing buildings in Germany from a consumer perspective. Available in german language.

Grüngaslösungen in Sanierungen – German Language (1,4 MB) pdf > (pdf 514 KB)
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