Hydrogen-fired steam boiler in Jordan

We are pleased to celebrate the first anniversary together with our customer National Chlorine Industries (NCI) in Jordan, a manufacturer for chlorine in the chemical industry and for water treatment projects.

Hydrogen as a fuel source for steam production

In the membrane technology used by NCI to produce chlorine, most of the hydrogen gas has been treated as waste and released to the atmosphere, and only a small portion has been used to produce HCl acid (hydrochloric acid). Taking into account the environmental aspects together with the goal of minimizing carbon dioxide emissions, this led to the consideration of using hydrogen as a fuel source for steam production.

Viessmann Middle East seized the opportunity and submitted an attractive proposal to supply a special version of the Vitomax steam boiler for the combustion of hydrogen with all accessories. This special version is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-efficient. The investment cost for the Vitomax hydrogen-fired steam boiler pays for itself in one year (fuel savings of approximately 600 EUR per day) and the reduction in CO2  emissions is approximately 1800 tons per year.

A big thank you to NCI for their interest in our benchmark solutions and for supporting our environmentally friendly solutions that emit less CO2. Let's collaborate on energy and environmental savings with Viessmann's eco-friendly innovative industrial solutions.

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