Tomorrow's technology – certified today

The switch to hydrogen as a CO₂-neutral energy source will not happen overnight. However, Viessmann already offers modern gas condensing boilers and fuel cells that convert a natural gas/hydrogen mixture into heat and power easily and efficiently.

Extensive H₂-ready product portfolio from innovation leader Viessmann

The latest special report by the German Bundesrechnungshof (BRH) makes it clear: The energy transition faces enormous challenges in terms of both affordability and security of supply. Viessmann is responding to these challenges of the future with a broad portfolio of efficient H₂-ready energy systems and solutions. The modern gas condensing boilers in the Vitodens 300 and Vitodens 200 families can easily be operated with 20 to 30 percent hydrogen in the natural gas. Homeowners who rely on modern Viessmann technology for their gas heating system are therefore ideally equipped for the future.

Certified for the new energy source

With 150000 units sold, the gas condensing boilers in the  Vitodens  series are among europes absolute best-selling heat generators. The appliances are now certified to ZP 3100 by DVGW Cert GmbH. This means that they may be operated with up to 20 percent hydrogen, offering their operators maximum future security.

Going even lower on CO₂ emissions with H₂

The current generation of this high-efficiency technology already nearly halves the CO₂ emissions of a typical household. The next  Vitovalor  generation goes one step further: it can be operated with a proportion of up to 20 percent hydrogen in the natural gas, which reduces CO₂ emissions by a total of 65 percent.

Compact, ready-to-connect CHP units

The new compact  Vitobloc  300 NG 15 and NG 20 CHP modules can be easily operated with up to 20 percent hydrogen in natural gas. With their low operating noise of less than 49 dB(A) and small spatial requirements, they are equally suitable for new build and modernization. The new modules will be launched on the market from the fourth quarter of 2021.

All-purpose gas condensing unit

The  Vitocrossal  200, type CIB, is a universally applicable gas condensing boiler with outputs from 80 to 318 and as a double boiler up to 636 kilowatts. The Vitocrossal 200, type CIB, is also expected to be available for operation with up to 20 percent hydrogen in the natural gas from mid-2021.

Increasing climate friendliness with 100 percent hydrogen

The  Vitomax  industrial/commercial boilers can also be operated with pure hydrogen, which is often emitted but not used in chemical processes. In addition to avoiding harmful CO₂ emissions, this is also a particularly economical solution.

100 percent hydrogen operation planned from 2025

Gas heating appliances and fuel cells for 100 percent hydrogen operation are in the development and test phase at Viessmann.

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