100 percent hydrogen operation planned from 2025

Breakthrough on the way to a greenhouse gas-neutral future: Viessmann is one of the first manufacturers in the world to develop gas condensing boilers that can be operated with 100 percent hydrogen and therefore emit no CO₂. The prototypes are currently in the development and test phase at the Allendorf site. They can be easily converted from natural gas operation - with high efficiency and completely no CO₂ emissions in H₂ operation.

"H₂-ready" condensing boiler uses pure hydrogen

Viessmann is currently developing the "H₂-ready" condensing boiler, an innovative solution that can use pure hydrogen. The appliance is based on proven gas condensing technology and will also be able to run on natural gas or a natural gas/hydrogen mixture. System operators are thus independent in their choice of supplier and mixture. The first prototypes are currently being tested in detail at the Technikum, the research and development center at the company's headquarters in Allendorf (Eder). These devices are expected to be launched on the market from 2024, when the first gas networks for hydrogen will be available in Germany.

With this breakthrough, we have taken a huge step towards realizing the goals of the Paris Agreement in the building sector

Dr. Markus Klausner // Chief Technology Officer –Viessmann Climate Solutions SE–

Fit for the future

The innovative "H₂-ready" condensing boilers will be able to be converted from operation with natural gas or natural gas/hydrogen mixtures to operation with pure hydrogen in just a few simple steps. This ensures their future viability in the transition phase from natural gas to hydrogen. "With this breakthrough, we have taken a huge step towards realizing the goals of the Paris Agreement in the building sector," says Dr. Markus Klausner, Chief Technology Officer of Viessmann Climate Solutions SE.

Further condensing systems, also for larger outputs, as well as fuel cells and combined heat and power plants for hydrogen are currently under development at Viessmann. As an innovation leader in the industry, the company will offer a complete portfolio for almost every application in the future.

Switching to sustainability

Numerous pilot projects for the use of pure hydrogen are already being supported, such as the construction of a hydrogen infrastructure in Kaisersesch, Rhineland-Palatinate. As part of the "SmartQuart" project funded by the BMWi, a complete hydrogen infrastructure is being created there by 2023 - from the generation of renewable electricity for operating the electrolysers, the storage of hydrogen and its distribution, to its use in the heat and power supply, industry and transport sectors. Viessmann has been involved in this first real laboratory of the energy transition from the very beginning and, in addition to condensing boilers for operation with pure hydrogen, will also test hydrogen-compatible fuel cell heating systems in practical operation in Kaisersesch.

In addition, our modular Vitomax industrial boiler program is already designed to be future-proof for the use of 100 percent hydrogen. It is suitable for use in the manufacturing industry, for example in the fertilizer, building materials, beverage, food, paper or chemical/pharmaceutical industries, but also in refineries or hospitals.

Pilot projects and use cases:

From so-called smart quarters, which in the future will supply themselves with almost completely climate-neutral energy, to hydrogen-fired steam boilers in Jordan: Here you will find pilot projects and use cases for hydrogen operation from all over the world.

SmartQuart Kaisersesch relies 100 percent on hydrogen

In Kaisersesch, Rhineland-Palatinate, a complete infrastructure for the supply of pure hydrogen is being built by 2023.

Mercure Hotel Berlin heats with self-generated hydrogen

The Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin will use up to 20 percent hydrogen from summer 2021 with Viessmann condensing boilers.

Large boiler project in Jordan with 100 percent hydrogen operation.

Hydrogen-fired steam boiler at National Chlorine Industries (NCI) in Jordan, manufacturer of chlorine for the chemical industry and for water treatment projects.

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