Electric heating

Electric heaters: Versatile heat for your home

Electric heating systems are a versatile and efficient way of heating living spaces in a decentralised and direct manner. The diverse product portfolio of Viessmann Climate Solutions offers electric heating systems in the form of panel heating, convectors and infrared heating. They are ideal as a complementary or temporary solution or in buildings with low heating requirements. As they do not require additional fuel storage or flue gas systems, they are versatile, easy to install and require virtually no maintenance.  

Efficient heat in a customised design

Viessmann Vitoplanar electric heaters are available in numerous outputs, sizes and designs, which can be selected according to requirements and room. With their discreet surface design, they blend discreetly into living spaces, e.g. as a mirror heater. The Vitoplanar EI2 DI infrared heater can even be customised with a motif of your choice. In addition to their design, the Vitoplanar systems impress with a consistently high radiation effect, two temperature limiters for a high level of safety and insulated rear sides for maximum radiation in the room. The product portfolio includes:

  • Infrared heaters: pleasant radiant heat, well suitable for allergy patients 
  • Surface heating (wall, ceiling, floor): unobtrusive design, large-area heat emission
  • Rapid heater: for quick heat after just a few seconds

Versatile and efficient application options

Thanks to their versatile assembly, simple installation and rapid operational readiness, Viessmann electric heaters can be used in a variety of ways and are suitable as supplementary heating in renovated old buildings and as the main heat generator in new builds and where there is little use (e.g. holiday homes). Their benefits are most evident when they are used as a supplementary heat source (e.g. in combination with a heat pump) or in buildings with low heat requirements.

Future viability and economic efficiency

The knowledge that Viessmann has gained in over a century of heat generation forms the foundation for all energy generation methods. Resource-saving sources play a key role, both in heat generation from natural sources and in the generation of electricity from solar energy. The ability to run on renewable electricity makes it future-proof and, in combination with a photovoltaic system and an electricity storage unit, it is cost-effective in the long term.

Interaction of electric heating and PV power

By utilising self-generated electricity from a Vitovolt PV system, the electricity costs for the heating system can be reduced and dependence on the public electricity grid can be minimised. The requirement is a sufficiently large PV system that can cover the electricity demand of the electric heating system. In addition, a Viessmann Vitotherm DHW cylinder can store the surplus solar power and use it for DHW heating. Our digital services, such as the Viessmann energy management system, round off the interaction between electric heating and PV electricity with smart control options via the ViCare app.

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