Heat pump

Heat pumps: Innovative heating solutions for efficiency and comfort

Heat pumps are the foundation of resource-saving heating solutions. Compared to conventional heat generators, they use natural energy sources such as the earth or the air, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels and lowering CO₂ emissions.

Viessmann heat pumps in detail

We are constantly defining standards and developing innovative products. One of the distinguishing features of Viessmann heat pumps is their quiet operation and their ability to cool in summer. Their flexibility of use means that the best solution can be found for all requirements - be it for the modernization of an old building or the construction of a new building. This enables us to meet the various requirements of our customers in the best possible way.

How a heat pump works:

  • Heat absorption: The refrigerant in the heat pump absorbs environmental heat from the air or ground and evaporates.
  • Compression and heating: The gaseous refrigerant is compressed and heats up.
  • Heat transfer: The energy from the heated gas is transferred to the heating system via a heat exchanger.
  • Condensation and cycle start: The cooled refrigerant condenses and the cycle starts again.


Refrigerants for modern heat pumps 

Our expertise from over 100 years of experience forms the cornerstone that enables us to regularly meet the challenges of the future. Modern heat pumps can operate with various refrigerants. In order to minimize the environmental impact and meet the increasing demands for climate-friendly technologies, Viessmann is focusing on switching to natural refrigerants such as propane (R290).

Various types of Viessmann heat pumps

The Viessmann Climate Solutions product portfolio includes various heat pumps. The Vitocal family includes air-to-water, brine-to-water and DHW heat pumps, which can be used in a variety of contexts and according to individual requirements. The option of renting Viessmann heat pumps instead of buying them offers additional flexibility.

Viessmann also offers large heat pumps for commercial applications, which cover large output ranges and can be efficiently combined with other heating systems. In addition to these solutions, Viessmann also offers ice storage tanks for the efficient storage of thermal energy.

Intelligent system for an efficient future

Viessmann heat pumps are more than just heating systems. The combination of heat pump, photovoltaic modules and energy storage system from Viessmann Climate Solutions forms a holistic energy supply system. Viessmann energy management enables the control of energy flows via smartphone and rounds off the system. This smart interaction in the system raises the efficient use of energy sources to a new level.

Viessmann heat pump achieved top score

We are constantly working to increase the efficiency of Viessmann heat pumps. Our success is proven by the fact that the Vitocal 250-A air/water heat pump was named the Stiftung Warentest test winner with an overall rating of "GOOD" (2.1) in October 2023. The heat pump stood out in particular for its quiet operation, energy efficiency and environmental properties in heating mode.

Planning and consultation before buying a heat pump

Detailed planning and consultation before purchasing a heat pump are crucial - our Viessmann experts and partners are on hand to help. Considering important questions and aspects ensures that the chosen solution meets the individual requirements.

Exemplary questions for your heat pump plans:

  • Will the heat pump be installed in an existing or new building?-
  • Which heat pump should be installed?
  • What additional measures need to be taken into account when planning a heat pump?
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