Photovoltaics & Energy Storage

Photovoltaics and energy storage – an efficient combination

Use solar energy and increase self-sufficient power supply

The energy transition and the desire for greater independence from electricity suppliers are increasingly bringing photovoltaic systems and energy storage systems into focus. Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into electricity that can be used directly in the household or fed into the public grid. An energy storage system stores surplus electricity temporarily and releases it again when required.  

This significantly increases self-consumption and reduces electricity costs. The innovative integrated solutions for the use of solar energy from Viessmann Climate Solutions are perfectly coordinated and can also be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

Photovoltaic systems: generating energy for your own home

With the powerful Vitovolt photovoltaic modules, Viessmann enables the efficient use of solar energy to cover your own electricity requirements. Viessmann offers solutions not only for detached houses and apartment buildings, but also for industry and commerce. Quality and safety are the top priorities in the production of our Vitovolt photovoltaic modules. Our experience of over 100 years enables us to guarantee these high standards.

Viessmann VX3 energy storage system: flexible and powerful

Viessmann has developed the modular Vitocharge VX3 energy storage unit for optimum use of solar power for self-consumption. Its modularity makes it suitable for both new and existing systems. Equipped with the latest generation of safe lithium iron phosphate batteries, the VX3 enables reliable, long-term energy storage. It not only offers high performance, but also flexibility and versatility - it is compatible with all standard photovoltaic systems.

Smart energy solutions with a system

Viessmann photovoltaic modules and energy storage systems are not only an efficient way to self-generate and use solar power, but they also integrate seamlessly into the ecosystem. For example, they can be combined with a Viessmann heat pump or charging station for electric vehicles. With digital services such as energy management, Viessmann also offers intelligent control options for a home's entire energy system. The energy flows can be controlled and monitored via smartphone and the ViCare app - opening up new ways of using renewable energy effectively.

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