Cecilia Daume

My project could slash CO2 emissions.

In her dual study programme in engineering and electronics, Cecilia combines academic theory with hands-on practice. She’s actively contributing to both the company and the energy transition during her dual study programme at Viessmann.

Viessmann harnesses the power of compact Arduino control systems, small enough to fit in a matchbox, yet powerful tools in skilled hands. “This one is for helium testing,” says Cecilia. “It controls the electronic expansion valves that help test some of our products for leaks before they go out and are sold.”

Customers don’t have to fully understand any of this. For Cecilia, however, who is interning at Viessmann as part of her dual study programme, such complex technical topics are part of her daily routine. Her excitement is palpable when talking about her work with the Arduino: “I’m really proud of it, because the program I wrote is actually being used.” Cecilia programmed the tiny controller during her first practical phase at Viessmann.

The next project: A training course for the ViGuide app

Cecilia is currently in her second practical phase, stationed in the Customer Service Assist Systems department. On a normal working day, she first checks her emails and her schedule, before consulting her internship supervisor. This is because Cecilia is already working on a new project. She’s designing a training course for internal and external users of the ViGuide app, a service app for trade partners. Some users don’t yet make full use of the app’s functions. Recognizing that some users aren't fully exploiting the app’s features, she's conducting interviews to determine the most efficient way to convey the app's functionality and essential content.

Cecilia now knows how to manage a project from conception to implementation. Moreover, with her technical background, she has a profound understanding of how the app works, and can hence prepare training material that’s both precise and clear.

Her enthusiasm for her project is evident, especially because of its potential impact: “If my training plan works and more people understand how to use the app, we could see a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. In the best case, our employees will use the app to identify problems before they arise, circumventing the need to drive somewhere and saving additional resources.”

Every team made me feel right at home

Cecilia Daume Dual student at Viessmann

“I’m getting so many insights into various aspects of electrical engineering here, experiencing things hands-on that I wouldn’t grasp through theory alone,” says Cecilia. Constantly working in different areas means always having new colleagues and many first days on the job. Cecilia thinks it’s great: “I’ve only ever encountered welcoming, open-minded colleagues.”

The fresh perspectives brought by dual study programme students like Cecilia, 20, from Frankenberg, are highly valued. Her proactive approach led to an app improvement suggestion that her supervisor brought forward at a developer meeting.

Events and discussions: “They really look after us”

During the practical internship phases, Viessmann organizes events and educational sessions for the dual students, like the sports day, a health awareness day, and product training sessions. Cecilia will also soon take a driver safety training course. “Viessmann really looks after us,” she says.

The events are fun – and useful for networking with other students or apprentices. “I like to exchange ideas with students from higher semesters. Then I know what to expect, and also find out which teams others are assigned to during their practical phases.” There are also online events during the academic phases so the students can stay in touch with each other.

Viessmann allows plenty of free time during the dual study programme. Cecilia dances in a show troupe and spends time with her friends and family. This summer, she travelled through Norway, Sweden and Denmark in a camper van.