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To inspire young people with enthusiasm for a profession and to bind them for the long term is an important lever for companies to counteract the shortage of skilled workers. The Young Engineer Academy offers young people the opportunity to become enthusiastic about engineering professions and thus lay the foundation for their professional career.

Anna Engel

Allendorf (Eder), Jul 1, 2019 –  Anna Engel reports on her path from the Young Engineer Academy to her dual studies and her current career at Viessmann.

Having such a big employer as Viessmann right on my doorstep made me curious even at a young age. After my internship at the middle school, it was clear to me that the company fascinated me. In the upper school I then applied to the Young Engineer Academy - in short YEA - a cooperation project between Viessmann, the Frankenberg grammar school "Edertalschule" and the Technical University Mittelhessen (THM). Viessmann is carrying out a similar project in cooperation with the Battenberg Comprehensive School. At the Young Technician Academy (YOTA), Viessmann offers middle school students the opportunity to intensively study technical training occupations in the MINT sector.

As an Edertal schoolgirl, I had the opportunity over a period of two years to work on technical projects at school with some of my school colleagues one afternoon a week in alternation, to acquire specialist knowledge in lectures at the THM in Frankenberg and to gain practical insights at Viessmann on site. The theoretical knowledge of electrical engineering gained in lectures was used directly in the construction of a robot or the programming of a stepper motor. Exciting excursions, such as a visit to the Hanover Fair, the presentation of the P&G MINT Award in Wiesbaden and an internship at Viessmann rounded off the time. I had to say goodbye to Viessmann and the THM with the ceremonial presentation of my certificate. At that time, however, I had already applied for the dual bachelor's degree course in industrial engineering at Viessmann in cooperation with StudiumPlus, and the following year I began my studies in mechanical engineering in Wetzlar.

The following three years, during which I got to know various departments at Viessmann such as product, project and quality management, and was even allowed to work for the development department in Waterloo, Canada, for a quarter of a year, passed by in a flash.

With my Bachelor of Engineering I started two years ago in strategic purchasing at the Allendorf (Eder) location as a digital procurement specialist. Since then, I have been responsible for managing the Viessmann Group's digital purchasing projects. Together with colleagues from the operative purchasing companies, I conduct workshops to define processes for the purchasing of the future. As part of the introduction of a digital purchasing platform, I also train employees and suppliers from the entire Group and take responsibility for the worldwide project rollout.

My work and the active participation in Viessmann's digital future is fun every day.

Just a few weeks ago, I accepted my Master's degree in Industrial Engineering at the THM Distance Learning Centre in Friedberg.

I am curious to see where my path at Viessmann will lead me, which colleagues and tasks I will be able to get to know, and how the company will develop itself further.

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