What keeps us from achieving our climate targets?

Achieving the climate targets is a question of responsibility alone: How much do we want to do today for the generations of tomorrow? How can we maintain and create living spaces for our children and grandchildren?

Allendorf (Eder), Dec 16, 2019 – Replacing outdated oil or gas heating systems is one thing above all: a good start with an instant impact. It is an initial measure that has an immediate positive effect – on the climate and on our own energy costs.

Striking the right balance between renewable energies and maximum efficiency

But more need to follow. If we want to act now, we must do so with the right combination and balance between renewable energies and maximum efficiency in fossil fuels viable for everyone. Therefore, the categorical rejection of individual energy sources is simply wrong. In contrast to other sectors, we already have large-scale, innovative, carbon-saving solutions available to us for the refurbishment of buildings, including fuel cells, heat pumps, and efficient heating systems with modern condensing technology and maximum efficiency levels.

Climate protection is not a question of technological possibilities

Climate protection is therefore not a question of technological possibilities but of will. What’s stopping us? Let’s tackle the tasks ahead together. Let’s take responsibility for the generations of tomorrow together. There’s lots to do! Right now.

In this issue of the Viessmann magazine “aktuell”, given the current political debate on the Climate Protection Package we take a close look at the potential and opportunities arising from the building revolution. Because one thing is clear: there will be no successful energy revolution without a building revolution.

Main topic in this magazine: potential and opportunities in the building revolution

Over the following two pages, we first describe the opportunities that the building sector offers on the road to a carbon-neutral world.

We then show, in a clearly arranged graph, which sectors in Germany consume how much energy, what the existing heating systems looks like, and what CO2 and cost-saving potential results from replacing old heating systems with new ones.

Perfect systems from the integrated range of solutions

With our integrated range of solutions, we already have the perfect systems to fit all the scenarios described above. The example of the Vitovalor fuel cell heating system shows that not only can electricity and heat be generated at the same time, but that this technology also significantly reduces carbon emissions.

On pages 8 to 11, our partners then have their say. They report on the family of wall-mounted gas appliances launched on the market in the spring – each of which reduces the carbon emissions of a household by one ton per year. Thanks to integrated connectivity, these appliances are developed for the digital future.

However, the product portfolio of Viessmann’s business units not only includes heating systems for apartments, houses, or entire districts but also efficient solutions for a wide range of industries – such as breweries. Using two examples, we show how energy and costs can be saved in both heating and cooling, thus protecting the environment.

Securing the future with the new Viessmann Family Holding

To make sure we continue to play our part in climate protection with new technologies in the future, we have laid the foundation in the company for generations to come. The future Viessmann Family Holding creates the framework for the long-term development of our family company. 

But now, so close to the new year, I wish all of us a peaceful Christmas and a good start to 2020.

Your Max Viessmann

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