Hydrogen: The solution to achieve an energy secure and affordable energy transition and the heating transition

Viessmann and leading energy experts advocate that hydrogen be given greater consideration.

Allendorf (Eder), Apr 15, 2021 – Viessmann's modern gas condensing boilers are already ready for hydrogen today - H2 Ready. This is because an admixture of up to 20 percent hydrogen (H2) in natural gas is already possible. From 2025, the new condensing boilers will even be able to run on 100 percent hydrogen.

The patented Lambda Pro Plus® combustion control automatically adjusts to the respective fuel. This means that customers have a device that is ready for future changes in the gas supply without any major adjustments. And thus for the future energy supply. Ready for the energy transition!


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In order to provide a reliable, safe, affordable and climate-neutral heat supply in the future, a team of engineers and a team of engineers and technicians at Viessmann are currently testing "H2ready" condensing boilers for operation with pure hydrogen.

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