Sustainability – applied already for generations

Viessmann considers itself to have a responsbility that goes beyond simply generating heat and providing the right room temperature to create and maintain living spaces. This commitment is reflected in the newly defined company purpose: We create living spaces for generations to come.

Allendorf (Eder), Feb 24, 2019 – Sustainability - economical, ecological, and social responsibility - has been practiced by Viessmann as an important part of company culture for many generations. We are the answer to efficiently gathering heat and creating a comfortable living environment. As promised, we have updated our company mission: We create living spaces for generations to come.

We have defined individual visions for all of our company sections. The visions mirror the overall objective that we have had in practice for a long time: accomplishing the highest level of living comfort through intelligent heat and air conditioning systems. Our strategies illustrate the stepping stones to achieving our overall objective. Both our values - Community, Innovation, Responsibility - and strategies build the basis for implementation of our overarching company mission.

We take pride in our status as a family company. In addition to our mission we have other goals, such as the innovation and manufacturing of a highly demanded and integrative product for energy and air conditioning systems, profitable growth, a central customer service for all levels of the company, and last but not least participating in the trends of our generation, especially digitalisation.

The sustainability strategies have been updated with the new direction of the company. The most important sustainability indicators (KPIs) have been defined and quantitated separate from the company goals in a collective stakeholder analysis document. 

Sustainability at Viessmann

For generations we have seen sustainability as part of our responsibility. Would you like to learn more about how sustainable Viessmann works?

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