"Start at home" goes into the next round with top biathlete Laura Dahlmeier

First video with the Double Olympic Champion is online | 7-time world champion builds a wooden house with highly innovative energy supply

From left to right: Laura Dahlmeier and her mother Susi talk to technicians about the upcoming house planning.

Allendorf (Eder), Jan 11, 2022  – Under the motto "Start at home", prominent brand ambassadors of Viessmann, one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable climate and renewable energy solutions, gave interesting and exciting insights into their private lives and their commitment to climate protection. After the many positive reactions to the campaign, Viessmann is now expanding the series and accompanying the former top biathlete  Laura Dahlmeier  as she builds her own home. Dahlmeier, for whom ecological action is very important due to her closeness to nature, decided to have a timber house built with highly innovative and efficient technology.

Double Olympic champion, 7-time World Champion as well as 33 World Cup gold medals – Laura Dahlmeier has achieved much in her short but enormously successful career. She expects the same high standards she sets for herself as for her new home. This applies not only to the building itself which is made of wood – the most ecological material of all - but above all to the installed climate system technology. The new home is heated by an air-to-water heat pump, the Vitocal 250-A. However, she will not only produce her own heat, but also her own electricity. A photovoltaic system will be used for this purpose and the electricity it produces will be used by the heat pump so that it can be operated completely renewably. In this way, Laura will be self-sufficient in terms of heating and electricity.

The latest part of "Start at home" is also divided into several exciting episodes. The first part is already finished, a video in which Laura is shown talking to her family and a planning person about the upcoming house planning and the first decisions made after the inspection of the property. In doing so, she emphasises how important it is to her to contribute to the preservation of nature, which she loves so much. The complete video can be found under the following link:

Part two of the series will be published in February. This time Laura Dahlmeier will visit Hotel Priesteregg to experience the environmentally friendly and highly innovative heating technology on site.  

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From left to right: Laura Dahlmeier and her mother Susi talk to technicians about the upcoming house planning.

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Laura Dahlmeier cares about the preservation of nature.

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