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Sports legend Laura Dahlmeier provides an exclusive look at her personal home construction project

“Home is really a feeling: returning home, feeling safe” – Laura Dahlmeier, one of the most successful biathletes of all time with two Olympic wins, seven world champion titles and 33 World Cup race victories, is also very concerned about the preservation of nature after her sporting career in order to help shape a planet worth living on and loving for future generations.

“Live” at the planning site  

In the new episodes of our “The starting point at home” series, we accompany Laura from her initial home-building planning session to the home’s completion. One of the people we visit in the first segment is Laura’s mother Susanne. Together, the mother and daughter begin planning and evaluate which of the many energy-efficient solutions is perfectly in line with the building owner’s ambitious objectives. Laura Dahlmeier finds it very important to take personal responsibility for the climate. It’s clear to her that the key to this responsibility can be found in the installation of precise, forward-looking technology in her own four walls. There was no question that she would rely on her long-time partner, Viessmann, when planning and installing an innovative energy supply solution in her new house.

With innovative technology to energy self-sufficiency

Her new home is heated by an air/water heat pump, the Vitocal 250-A. The building owner will produce not only heat but also her own electricity. A photovoltaic system produces electricity that is used by the heat pump and for other purposes, which makes its operation completely renewable. This allows Laura to be self-sufficient with regard to both heating and electricity.  

Active contribution to climate protection

The technology installed in her new home allows the former top biathlete to not only fulfill a personal dream but to actively contribute to climate protection. She says, “For me, the mountains and the landscape here in Garmisch-Partenkirchen are just super important. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere, or being at home somewhere where the mountain environment is no longer intact.”

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