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wibutler pro: allowing building services to communicate

The second generation of wibutler pro connects 300 smart home devices from different manufacturers | Energy flow control for cost-effective heat pump operation | Energy conservation through automated harmonization of heating and ventilation

Energy control and reporting center of the second generation wibutler pro

Allendorf (Eder), May 16, 2022  – The new generation of the  wibutler  pro energy control and alarm panel connects around 300 devices from different manufacturers – whether for heat supply, lighting control or home security. New elements include electricity management with the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system, the automated harmonization of decentralized ventilation units Vitovent 100-D and Vitovent 050-D, and Professional Smart Building for use in large residential complexes and neighborhoods.


Become more independent from increasing energy prices by managing electricity with Vitocharge

Networking a photovoltaic plant and the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system with wibutler optimizes the use of self-generated electricity in your home – and makes its occupants more self-sufficient in the face of rising energy prices. wibutler controls the energy flow not only for cost-effective operation of a Vitocal heat pump but also for other consumers of electricity in the home such as e-bikes.  

Automated harmonization of heating and ventilating phases saves energy

Decentralized home ventilation devices Vitovent 100-D and Vitovent 050-D are often employed in the modernization of buildings. By networking them with the wibutler pro, residents can save energy due to the automated harmonization of heating and ventilation phases. Sensors check the air quality and humidity via wibutler and make sure room conditions are always optimal.  

Professional Smart Building optimizes operation of the central heat generator in a large residential complex

wibutler also offers a variety of valuable digital services in addition to living space automation to regulate heat demand with Viessmann products in large residential complexes and neighborhoods. This optimizes the operation of a central heat generator by considering the energy demand of each residential unit individually. Calling the elevator from inside the apartment is a practical time-saver: This eliminates bothersome waiting time so you can get in immediately.

App design with new intuitive concept

Operation of wibutler pro requires the free wibutler app. This features a new intuitive concept that greatly simplifies the programming of if/then and time rules. For reliable protection of your home against break-ins, there is a new rule type available with the alarm function. This allows multiple components (light and blind control, window contacts, motion sensors, cameras) to be networked into a full-featured alarm system.

Voice activation with Google Home

In addition to Amazon Alexa, you can now use voice activation to control Google-compatible devices. Google Home is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) in addition to smart speakers with integrated microphones. Google Home and Google Assistant not only control individual devices but can also trigger complex processes “on demand.” The apps also offer useful location service functions.

wibutler alliance with potential

More than 30 well-known manufacturers in the heating, ventilation, control and regulation sectors are now members of the wibutler alliance. Around 300 compatible devices can be connected via wibutler. Recently, Busch-Jaeger joined from the electronics sector with Busch-free@home®.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Quick installation and commissioning thanks to wireless communication between components

  • Programming skills are not required
  • All necessary installation steps can be made easily and conveniently via the wibutler app.
  • Expansion of the product and service range
  • Modular and expandable for follow-up business
  • Technical support and professional training courses provided by wibutler  

Benefits for users

  • wibutler brings together and optimizes the control of individual rooms, as well as heat distribution and generation

  • Heating controlled in accordance with requirements for high energy-saving potential
  • Simple control of room temperatures via smartphone or tablet
  • Individual weekly plans via wibutler app
  • Malfunctions reported directly to the user’s smartphone via the app
  • Compatible products can be added easily and over time  

Compatible Viessmann products


Heat pumps:  

  • Vitocal 2xx with Vitotronic controls manufactured in 2010 or later

  • Vitocal 3xx with Vitotronic controls manufactured in 2010 or later    


Wall-mounted gas boilers:    

  • Vitodens 2xx with Viessmann One Base
  • Vitodens 3xx with Viessmann One Base
  • Vitodens 2xx with Vitotronic controls manufactured in 2004 or later
  • Vitodens 3xx with Vitotronic controls manufactured in 2004 or later    


Electricity storage system:  

  • Vitocharge VX3


Home ventilation system:  

  • Vitovent 100-D
  • Vitovent 050-D


ViCare components:  

  • Radiator thermostat
  • Climate sensor    

The incorporation of additional Viessmann products and systems into the wibutler pro energy control and alarm panel is in preparation.


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Second generation wibutler pro: The energy control and alarm panel connects more than 300 smart home device brands with one another.

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The wibutler app features a new intuitive concept that makes it even easier to set up things such as time rules.

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