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Vitocal 200-S and 222-S: The smart way to heat and cool

New split-design heat pumps are the number one choice for new energy-efficient buildings | Rapid installation with Hydro AutoControl | Viessmann One Base seamlessly integrates heat pumps with photovoltaic and electricity storage systems into one overall system

First choice for new build: the new Vitocal 200-S split heat pump

Allendorf (Eder), Dec 15, 2022  –  A state-of-the-art heat pump is a first-line option for new buildings. It eliminates any dependence on fossil gas and oil, is carbon-free and thus climate-friendly when powered by green electricity and, best of all, can be used to cool rooms in the summer months. The  Vitocal 200-S  and  Vitocal 222-S  split-design heat pumps now available on the market are also particularly smart solutions. The new devices are based on Viessmann One Base and integrate seamlessly with the Vitovolt PV system and Vitocharge electricity storage system as well as the ViCare and ViGuide apps to form one unified system. Energy efficiency is higher and user comfort maximized. Viessmann has thus taken another huge step forward in line with its mission statement: “We create living spaces for generations to come.”

Space-saving wall-mounted and compact units

The Vitocal 200-S heat pump’s internal unit is designed as a space-saving wall-mounted unit. The floorstanding compact device also has an integrated 190 liter DHW cylinder. Both versions come with heat outputs of 2.0 to 11.0 kW and achieve high flow temperatures of up to 60 °C. The new devices are highly efficient, with a COP (coefficient of performance) of up to 5.2 (with A7/W35 under EN 14511).

Super silent for use in densely built-up areas

The weatherproof external units feature a clear, timeless Diamond Edge design, while the Vitographit color scheme underscores the high quality of the devices. However, the most impressive feature of these iF Gold Design Award-winning units is their extremely low noise emissions of just 30 dB(A) (noise pressure level of the external unit at a distance of four meters in free-standing installation in noise-reduced mode). That is roughly the noise level of a whispered conversation. That makes the equipment an ideal choice for densely built-up townhouse complexes.

Climate-friendly refrigerant

The new split-design heat pumps use R32 refrigerant. As an efficient and climate-friendly alternative to the currently common R410A, it offers a two-thirds lower GWP value (global warming potential) and thus complies with the F-Gases Regulation for 2025.  

Quick installation with Hydro AutoControl, integrated defrost buffer and bypass valve

The patented Hydro AutoControl hydraulic system greatly accelerates the installation of the Vitocal 200-S and Vitocal 222-S. Both units also come with an integrated heating water buffer cylinder for providing defrosting energy along with a bypass valve and a flow rate sensor. That means these components do not need to be additionally installed, in contrast to conventional heat pumps.

Viessmann One Base for seamless digital service

Just like a natural ecosystem,  Viessmann One Base  connects the various products and systems in the Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering with apps, digital service tools and smart home systems. In addition, Viessmann One Base makes it easy to quickly enhance the Vitocal 200-S or Vitocal 222-S heat pumps with components such as a Vitoair FS home ventilation system or a Vitovolt PV system with a Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system and a wall box. All the systems can be operated by voice using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit.

The  ViCare  app gives homeowners quick and easy access to their heating system. It can use their smartphone’s location function to detect how far the user is from the house (i.e. geofencing). The heat output is automatically turned down if nobody is at home and turned back up as soon as anyone from your household approaches the house. The app includes  Viessmann Energy Management, which optimizes the operation of all integrated energy systems in the house and displays the real-time energy flows on a smartphone or tablet. This includes the values for self-generated electricity from the photovoltaic system as well as self-consumed electricity used to operate systems such as the heat pump. In this way, many system components in the home can be controlled in a resource-conserving and energy-efficient manner.

The  ViGuide  (formerly Vitoguide) service tool helps specialist partners commission, maintain, service and monitor the system. And they can do this work faster and more easily. Specialist partners save a lot of time in this way, while their customers are also able to enjoy maximum convenience and energy efficiency as well as reliable systems.

Service link saves time and money

Vitocal 200-S series heat pumps are always connected to the Viessmann service team through cellular technology at no cost to you. Potential malfunctions are reported to your specialist partners in real time and can often be fixed remotely. That eliminates needless on-premise service calls and thus saves time and money.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Quick installation with the Hydro AutoControl hydraulic system, integrated defrost buffer and bypass valve
  • Easy to commission with the ViGuide app
  • No need for annual leak test due to CO2  equivalent < 5 t
  • Perfectly matched accessories for visually appealing installations
  • System monitoring via ViGuide app or service link (no Wi-Fi required)
  • Can be split up for easy transport in confined spaces (Vitocal 222-S)  

Benefits for users

  • Ideal for new energy-efficient buildings with 60 °C flow temperature
  • Protects the climate and environment (Climate Protect++)
  • Reliable operation and high efficiency (OptiPerform)
  • Faster responses to malfunctions guaranteed (service link)
  • High efficiency for lower operating costs
  • Ideal for combining with a photovoltaic system and an electricity storage system
  • 60% smaller footprint than comparable models
  • Integrated energy management system for transparent tracking of energy consumption and costs
  • Attractive high-quality design
  • Active cooling in the summertime  

Technical specifications

  • Output: 2.0 to 11.0 kW
  • COP value (coefficient of performance): up to 5.2 (for A7/W35)
  • Maximum flow temperature: 60°C
  • Noise emissions: 30 dB(A) (noise pressure level of the external unit at a distance of 4 m in free-standing installation in noise-reduced mode)
  • Dimensions (length [depth] x width x height)
    External unit: 500 x 1080 x 850 mm
    Vitocal 200-S internal unit: 360 x 450/600 x 920 mm
    Vitocal 222-S internal unit: 597 x 600 x 1900 mm    


The split-design heat pumps with rated heat outputs of 6/8 and 10 kW will be available on the market starting in May; the 4 kW versions will be available starting in June 2022.


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A state-of-the-art heat pump like Viessmann’s new Vitocal 200-S is the number one choice for new buildings – and it’s quick to install, too.

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Ideal for densely built-up townhouse complexes: The external units of the new Viessmann split-design heat pumps are quiet as a whisper at a mere 30 dB(A). The image shows the compact Vitocal 222-S.

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