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Digital services such as the ViGuide tradesman tool and the ViCare app for heating control have become indispensable in modern heating supply. ViGuide has now been independently named the leading tradesman tool in Europe. The new premium app ViCare Plus now offers numerous ways to save energy.

ViGuide is the leading remote diagnostics solution for connected Vitocal heat pumps in Europe.

May 12, 2023

Using energy safely, conveniently and efficiently at all times for air conditioning and DHW generation – the innovative products and systems from Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering allow you to do just that. Users and trade partners enjoy support from digital services such as the ViGuide tradesman’s tool for commissioning, remote maintenance and servicing, as well as the premium ViCare Plus app, which opens up additional potential for saving energy.

ViGuide: Europe’s leading tradesman’s tool as a mobile version for smartphones and tablets

“Viessmann is one of the most innovative HVAC manufacturers when it comes to launching networked solutions, and this is reflected in the company’s leading position in remote diagnostics for heat pumps," says Ricardo Lopez, Senior Analyst at  LCP Delta. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the institute conducts primary research and conducts analyses on sophisticated technologies and innovations that are accelerating the energy transition across the globe. The latest report entitled “Remote Heating Diagnostics 2023" has now confirmed the outstanding position enjoyed by the ViGuide tradesman’s tool for connected Vitocal heat pumps within Europe.    

A clear overview of both mobile and stationary applications

The  ViGuide  digital tradesman’s tool is now available for two different applications: as the ViGuide Mobile version for smartphones and tablets, as well as for stationary use on office computers. Both applications are updated automatically.

Mobile devices can be used, for example, to commission customer systems on location or to consult the system status. Further advantages lie in the ability to optimize parameters or conduct what are known as continuous inspections.

The stationary application displays detailed information on the current operating status of the connected heating systems. Every tile on the dashboard features all of the information on the relevant energy system and its components. If a fault occurs, the specialist company receives a detailed report on the affected system. This information can be used to decide whether an on-site service visit is necessary or whether parameters can be corrected directly online.

The stationary ViGuide application is a browser-based application that can also be accessed from any mobile device that is connected to the Internet. This means that all of the stationary functions are also available in the mobile application.

Better service with ViGuide Pro

The ViGuide Pro continuous inspection option, the end-to-end package that comprises all service and maintenance options, allows specialist companies to keep a constant eye on their customers’ energy systems wherever they are. The option involves performing a daily online check on the connected customer installations, which is carried out automatically by ViGuide Pro. Further advantages include extended maintenance intervals, early detection and rectification of faults.

Time-saving commissioning of several devices with ViGuide Mobile

One feature that really stands out compared to other systems is the ability to commission several devices using ViGuide Mobile in a single application.  Vitocal  heat pumps,  Vitocharge VX3  electricity storage systems,  VitoAir  domestic ventilation units and other components such as the  ViCare  radiator and floor thermostats, as well as the  Viessmann Energy Management  system, can be made ready for operation in a single process, without the need to switch back and forth between applications. ViGuide Mobile also supports the seamless integration of further components if components are to be installed subject to a delay or systems are to be expanded at a later date.

Finally, the entire system can also be connected for continuous online monitoring by the specialist partner during the commissioning process. If a service visit is required, any necessary spare parts can be identified directly on location thanks to ViGuide Mobile.

A large number of additional functions to make day-to-day working life easier

The ViGuide mobile application also offers a whole host of other functions that make day-to-day working life much easier. There are options for commissioning individual devices and for combining several products. ViGuide then creates a record of all of the device data and parameters automatically.

Benefits for trade partners

  • One application for commissioning, maintenance, service and monitoring
  • ViGuide works on iOS or Android smartphones, tablets or laptops
  • Faults can be remedied remotely
  • Homeowners don’t have to be at home when faults are repaired
  • This may remove the need for travel costs
  • On-site system check only necessary every two years (subject to a maintenance contract)
  • Better service quality, for example, through guided spare parts exchange

Delivery date

The mobile version of ViGuide – ViGuide Mobile – has been available since September 2022 with the functions described.


ViCare Plus: Save heating costs with the app and smart ViCare thermostats

Nobody is left alone at the mercy of skyrocketing energy prices. The new premium ViCare Plus app, featuring the innovative Savings Assistant feature package, together with the smart ViCare radiator and floor thermostats, offers potential for real savings – with the same or even greater levels of convenience and without the need to invest in a new heating system.

Unique Intelligent Heat Control cuts costs

Compared to the free  ViCare  app, the ViCare Plus premium version with the Savings Assistant opens up additional potential for savings. Intelligent Heat Control, for example, is a smart system that controls your heating system to ensure that heat generation is adapted precisely to suit your individual needs while at the same time using as little energy as possible. This function keeps a constant eye on temperatures and thermostat positions in the individual rooms of the home. Once the desired room temperatures are reached, the heat generator receives an automatic command to reduce the heat output. The feature requires a Viessmann heat generator built in 2004 or later that is connected to the Internet.

However, Intelligent Heat Control offers another money-saving benefit: The calculation algorithm developed by Viessmann, the only one of its kind in the world, minimizes the frequency of on/off switching operations (“cycling”) of the burner. Reducing the number of times the burner starts up daily significantly extends the life of the components, which lowers the cost of maintaining and servicing the heating system.

Save up to 15 percent with ViCare thermostats

Whether you live in a single-family home or a rented apartment, in an old or new building – using the smart ViCare radiator and floor thermostats allows you to tap into further savings potential and reduce your consumption by up to 15 percent. The smart thermostats, which communicate wirelessly with each other and with the ViCare app and the heating control system, use ongoing automatic flow balancing to ensure economical energy consumption. This ensures precise delivery of the heat each room requires and that none of the radiators get too warm while others remain cold.

Keep a constant eye on your energy consumption

If you know when, where and how much energy you have consumed, you can take targeted countermeasures as required and keep your heating costs in check. ViCare Plus provides detailed reports on energy consumption. Based on data collected over a period of seven days, users receive an individual forecast of their energy consumption for the coming week. Individual push notifications providing helpful tips also help users to optimize their heating operation, with instructions such as “Activate reduced night mode” or “Adjust heating times to daily routine.”

Simply book ViCare Plus online

The additional ViCare Plus functions can be added from a ViCare app that is already available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can choose between a monthly or an annual subscription (with a discount for an annual subscription). The service is offered free of charge for one month to familiarize you with the system.

Save even more with geofencing

The ViCare Plus App also contains the geofencing function that users are familiar with from the ViCare app. The heating system detects when nobody is at home and lowers the temperature in all rooms of the house automatically. This means that lowering the temperature by even one degree can help you save up to 6 percent on heating costs. Once residents are set to return home, the temperature is increased again on time, ensuring that all rooms are pleasantly warm again when they walk through the door.

Benefits for users

  • Save on heating costs with ViCare Plus
  • Automatic flow balancing with ViCare thermostats can cut heating costs by up to 15 percent
  • Intelligent Heat Control for automatic optimization of heat generation
  • Geofencing alters the heating function depending on whether somebody is at home or not
  • Tailored 7-day forecast of energy consumption

Delivery date

ViCare Plus is already available.


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Based on research conducted by the Scottish institute LCP Delta, Viessmann’s ViGuide is the leading remote diagnostics solution for connected Vitocal heat pumps in Europe. The digital tradesman’s tool is now also available as a mobile version for smartphones and tablets, ViGuide Mobile.

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Taking service to the next level: the continuous inspection feature in ViGuide Pro conducts automatic daily online checks on all connected customer installations. This means that specialist companies can keep an eye on their customers’ energy systems from any place and at any time without incurring any additional effort.

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With the world's unique Intelligent Heat Control of the ViCare Plus Savings Assistant and the smart ViCare thermostats for radiators and underfloor heating, heating costs can be measurably reduced without any loss of comfort.

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