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Viessmann launches ambitious service campaign

Viessmann has significantly expanded its service portfolio - for example, with a new support service that offers direct contact with contact persons, and with the permanent inspection, which helps trade partners to future-proof their service for heating systems, and much more.

Acquire knowledge and skills with the Viessmann Academy's Germany-wide seminar offerings.

May 17, 2023 - Users’ expectations of state-of-the-art energy systems are increasing, not only in terms of environmental compatibility, but also in terms of user-friendliness and cost transparency. When systems malfunction, users expect fast solutions. At the same time, people working in the trades have more work to do than ever before, meaning that they can hardly cope with the number of orders. This is where Viessmann’s service comes into play. With targeted training sessions, digital tools and broad-based support – both online and on location – the family business helps all trade partners to master increasing complexity, make their operations more efficient and, at the same time, relieve them of time-consuming work.

With this in mind, Viessmann has expanded its  portfolio of services  considerably. This includes new features in the Partner Portal, a consistent supply of data in the various tools and the Adminprofi, which takes care of the red tape involved in registering PV systems. This is Viessmann’s way of providing active support to the trades as they transform from fossil fuel to renewable energy systems.

New products at a glance

  • Viessmann Academy: range of face-to-face and online seminars expanded significantly
  • PartnerPortal: a new form of support with direct contact
  • Service Plus: making heating system servicing more sustainable with the continuous inspection feature
  • ViContact maps the sales process in digital format – and boosts sales in the blink of an eye
  • ViGuide Planning combines a large number of Viessmann planning tools to create a comprehensive application
  • The new PV calculator allows digital quotes to be prepared automatically for end customers
  • Adminprofi: quick and easy registration of power-generating systems with grid/network operators
  • MobileHeating: new service for the fast, hassle-free arrangement of mobile heating systems
  • Rent, don’t buy: the convenient way to rent heating, photovoltaic and electricity storage system solutions or individual components
  • ViShare Pro: the new ViShare Pro rate provides information on the development of users’ individual energy costs at three-month intervals
  • Partner network: support in expanding sustainable climate solutions for partners
  • peccon: reliable insurance cover for bad debts

Viessmann Academy: face-to-face and online seminars are being expanded significantly

Climate protection, geopolitical uncertainty and mounting energy prices are fueling a process of change in the trades at a speed never seen before. Digital networking, self-sufficiency, intelligent control and smart homes are playing a key role in this process. The technologies used to respond to these challenges create a significant need for further training. This is why the  Viessmann Academy  is expanding its range of face-to-face and online seminars. These are being offered not only at the Academy at the company’s headquarters in Allendorf (Eder), but also in the national and international sales offices.

Training sessions – online and face-to-face

Specialist partners can access a multi-stage target group-specific offering. Live seminars or webinars on a range of topics can be completed online on your own company premises or from the comfort of your own home: opt, for example, to watch a virtual live commissioning session for a Vitocal 250-A, or live maintenance of the Vitoligno 300-C pellet boiler. In only 90 minutes, participants learn everything they need to know about a particular topic. Instructors are available to answer any questions.

Training courses are offered in the sales offices on the topics of “planning, consulting and design“, as well as “installation, commissioning, maintenance and service“. Due to the trend towards heat pumps and digitalization, the “Specialist electricity and heating seminar: holistic energy systems for new builds" is also proving very popular. It usually takes less than an hour to drive from the specialist company to the sales office. A short distance to travel to acquire more expertise!

System solutions and digital value-added services

Experienced trainers not only provide theoretical and hands-on training on individual products, but also impart knowledge on system solutions, digital services (ViCare,  ViGuide, ViScada) and value-added services such as Heating & Electricity, Adminprofi and FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro).

In addition, brief explanatory videos on typical maintenance situations or e-learning sessions on basic topics can be accessed 24/7 from the Viessmann learning space. These tutorials can also be viewed on mobile end devices.

Particularly popular training modules and sessions offered by the Viessmann Academy include:

  • VDI 4645 certification – heating systems featuring heat pumps in single-family homes and large residential buildings
  • Certification in accordance with section 5 (1) of the German Chemicals Climate Protection Ordinance (ChemKlimaschutzV) for staff category I – advanced fluorinated gas certificate
  • Expert training session on the professional handling of flammable refrigerants in safety groups A2L and A3
  • Online certification for the use of Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage systems
  • Training sessions on legacy systems for service technicians
  • Basic and advanced heat pump seminars

PartnerPortal: a new form of support with direct contact

The  PartnerPortal  is an indispensable platform for day-to-day work for any Viessmann trade partner. Featuring numerous interfaces with digital services such as the PartnerShop, FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro), Service Plus or ViGuide, and is free of charge to access.

As well as providing an optimized overview and personalization options, the new Viessmann support offers a direct line to contact persons, quick access to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and information on the current status of ongoing queries.

Just one click to the FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro)

The portal homepage now also includes the link to the FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro). Trade partner employees enjoy fast access to a direct overview of their customers’ current subsidy applications and can complete any missing entries.

App switcher personalization

Frequently used applications can also be saved as favorites in the app switcher. Useful Viessmann apps and tools are marked with a star in the overview and then appear conveniently in a user’s list of favorites.

New functions in the PartnerShop

By clicking on the corresponding link in the PartnerPortal, users are immediately redirected to the PartnerShop. The PartnerShop is the central online ordering tool for Viessmann’s specialist partners. Whether they are looking for an individual component or a full heating system – orders can be placed online 24/7.

The well-known replacement part app makes ordering spare parts easier. Orders can be placed directly after a quick and straightforward online search in the spare parts catalog. One convenient feature is the option to scan the bar code on the component to be replaced or on a complete module.

Greater transparency with the delivery planner

One of the functions that the PartnerShop offers is the delivery planner. In addition to quotes, orders and invoices, call orders and returns can also be managed directly. The fact that the delivery date is already shown during the ordering process ensures reliable planning of an installation or maintenance order. The delivery planner enables partial deliveries of products that are already available or a complete delivery as soon as all products are available. Trade partners can keep an eye on upcoming deliveries over the next 14 days in the PartnerShop overview. They can also consult current offers and orders.

Registration and login:

Benefits for trade partners

  • Only one Viessmann account for all applications
  • Integrated staff and customer management
  • FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro) integrated into the PartnerPortal
  • Digital support with the consultation process
  • Direct contact to the sales office
  • The Tradesman’s Software (HWS) can be connected to the PartnerShop via IDS Connect
  • Easy to create different shopping carts
  • Orders can be placed online 24/7
  • Constant overview of order status

Service Plus: service support for trade partners

Digitalization is now an integral part of many areas of day-to-day life. The same goes for Viessmann’s energy systems. This is something that customer service has to take into account as well: with the continuous inspection feature, Viessmann is ensuring sustainable service for its heating systems.

Continuous inspection – the new service level

Automated daily remote inspection allows energy systems to be maintained based on their condition. This extends the standard maintenance interval to up to two years. Specialist partners can identify faults early on and perform preventive maintenance to prevent any malfunctions. Information on the cause of unusual system behavior is also evaluated.

The new service is available for the Vitodens, Vitocal and Vitocrossal energy systems with the  Viessmann One Base  and  Vitotronic  electronic platforms. Viessmann One Base is required for the Vitovalor fuel cell heating device. The systems are connected to the Viessmann specialist partner, which has the ViGuide Pro  service tool at its disposal, via the free  ViCare  app.

Modular service offering – the right choice three times over

Viessmann has developed three modules that can be used to put together tailor-made service packages: the ViGuide digital service tool, extended warranty and Viessmann service contracts. This allows the right solution to be identified for every customer and every system.

Keep a constant eye on every system with ViGuide

Service jobs can be completed faster and more efficiently with ViGuide Pro. The continuous inspection feature provides relevant information for maintenance requirements and allows the early detection of faults on an ongoing basis. This means that customers can rest easy in the knowledge that their specialist installer has a constant eye on the heating system and can rectify any problems quickly, sometimes even before they occur.

Extended warranty

In addition to the statutory warranty, all customers receive an additional warranty for their new Viessmann heating system. For heat generators with an output of up to 60 kW, Viessmann provides a 5-year connectivity guarantee when the system is connected. Customers can opt to extend the warranty for up to 10 years.

Service contracts

Continuous inspection and maintenance not only ensure a longer service life and higher degree of efficiency, they also ensure that the services included under the warranty agreements are provided. Different levels of Viessmann service contracts make it easy to find the right contract for the relevant system. Depending on the type of heat generator, customers consistently enjoy the best possible level of support. One particular highlight is the Comfort+ contract, which guarantees customers ongoing convenience and security with the help of the continuous inspection feature.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Higher levels of security – a convincing sales argument
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty thanks to better service
  • Less service outlay – particularly for on-site assignments

Benefits for users

  • Higher system efficiency thanks to the continuous evaluation of operating behavior and early optimization where appropriate
  • Reduced downtime thanks to preventive component replacement and fast response times
  • Costs saved because there is no need for on-site visits (remote maintenance)

ViContact: customer leads delivered to your door

Viessmann Leads is a free value-added service offered by Viessmann that facilitates and accelerates the digital sales process for Viessmann products. Specialist partners can receive pre-qualified inquiries from prospective customers (= leads) on request. Partners can select the number of leads, the product group and the distance to the company premises.

Boost efficiency and save time with ViContact and ViContact Pro

The ViContact portals dashboard shows all lead inquiries at a glance. This means that there are no obstacles to efficient processing and follow-up on inquiries – specialist partners can use ViContact to report back on the current status at any time.

ViContact maps the sales process in digital format – and boosts sales in the blink of an eye! For a monthly fee of EUR 25, ViContact Pro offers additional functions and advantages compared to the basic package:

  • One additional license
  • E-mails automatically sent out to customers who cannot be contacted
  • Orders triggered directly in the PartnerShop based on quotes
  • Product costs can be calculated directly using the quote wizard
  • Customer appointments entered in the system can be saved to users’ personal calendars
  • Additional functions to boost efficiency even further and save even more time

Find out more and sign up for Viessmann Leads and ViContact at If you are interested, or have any further questions on ViContact Pro, please send an e-mail to

Benefits for trade partners

  • Online-assisted canvassing using customized inquiries that are tailored to suit the preferences of the specialist company concerned
  • Free forwarding of qualified leads where the intention to buy has been verified
  • Clear ViContact portal offering relevant information and documents
  • Adapt lead settings at any time and configure personal preferences
  • Save considerable time and costs due to reduced acquisition work and efficient processes
  • VPlus points for every Viessmann Leads inquiry that leads to a sale; these can be redeemed for exclusive events (e.g., tickets, further training sessions)

ViGuide Planning: new modular planning platform

Gone are the days when specialist partners had to use several independent planning tools to design an energy system – Viessmann has now developed ViGuide Planning. ViGuide Planning is a modular planning platform to which further planning tools will be added bit by bit. ViGuide Planning is the solution that provides access to consultation, planning and the preparation of quotes for Viessmann’s renewable energy solutions.

Less work thanks to a standardized planning platform

The secret behind the powerful web-based tool is integrated project planning across all standard interfaces. This saves valuable time and costs. It enables joint project planning with access for sales, pre-sales and specialist partners on a single platform. Specialist partners can access ViGuide Planning via the Viessmann PartnerPortal or directly at

Connection of planning tools prevents planning errors

Up until now, a large number of independent digital tools (software, apps) have been available to specialist companies looking to plan a heating system, but they are limited to individual applications. Specialist partners are unsure exactly where to start with the planning process, which is further complicated by the lack of interfaces. This creates an ideal environment for errors during the planning process that can have a negative impact on the operation of the energy system later on. Due to the time-consuming nature of the process, many specialist partners often design new heating systems based on their experience. To make matters worse, it is not currently possible to plan a system comprising a heat pump, photovoltaic system, electricity storage system and ventilation system.

Benefits for trade partners

  • One central entry point for planning a renewable energy system
  • Saves considerable time and costs for specialist companies
  • Heat pump, photovoltaic system, electricity storage system and ventilation system in one project file
  • Connection of planning tools prevents planning errors
  • To be gradually expanded to include further Viessmann digital planning tools

Viessmann PV calculator: automated preparation of quotes 24/7

Viessmann’s new PV calculator allows digital quotes to be prepared automatically for end customers. The new PV calculator automatically generates a non-binding quote based on the data entered by prospective customers and the individual calculation data stored by the specialist partner. This means that – in addition to the familiar Viessmann heating calculator – specialist partners have another useful tool at their disposal to make the process of qualifying end customer inquiries for photovoltaic systems on their own website less time-consuming.

Linked to the Tradesman’s Software

The data taken from the inquiry can be imported directly into the Tradesman’s Software. Following an individual consultation session with the prospective customer, the non-binding quote becomes a binding quote.

Viessmann or a commissioned partner agency helps configure the Viessmann PV calculator individually to include all of the necessary data. The calculator can be integrated into the specialist partner’s website by the specialist partner itself or by the in-house agency – it goes without saying that Viessmann is on hand to provide support with the necessary steps.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Acquire new customers quickly, easily and without having to invest significant amounts of time via the website
  • Pre-selection of prospective customers with a real and qualified intention to buy
  • The fact that conditions only have to be stored in the system once so that quotes can be prepared automatically saves time and costs
  • Fees for the Viessmann PV calculator pay off within a short space of time

Adminprofi: quick, easy registration of power-generating systems with grid/network operators

Adminprofi not only considerably simplifies what is often the tedious bureaucratic process of registering photovoltaic systems, fuel cell heating devices and electricity storage systems with the respective grid/network operator but also allows trade partners to save valuable time that can be used for their core business.

The Adminprofi team of experts reviews the information on the planned system and then submits the registration, including all of the required documents, to the grid/network operator. Adminprofi takes over the communication with all parties involved until the feeding confirmation is received and subsequently prepares the commissioning. The team of experts of Adminprofi is personally available via hotline and e-mail during the registration procedure. The registration is supported and processed from a single source.

Benefits for trade partners

  • No more time-wasting communication with representatives of the grid and network operator
  • More time for customers and daily business
  • Less bureaucracy – Adminprofi takes care of the tedious paperwork
  • Simple use – online retrieval of required information
  • Automatic addition of technical specifications
  • Personal support from the Adminprofi experts

Viessmann MobileHeating: new service for a fast and hassle-free arrangement of mobile heating systems

Mobile heating systems offer the advantage of being flexible and available for use at short notice. They provide a reliable interim solution, for example, if a heating system breaks down, for events or on construction sites during the winter. Viessmann’s new MobileHeating service now offers a fast and hassle-free arrangement of mobile heating systems between rental companies and commercial tenants across Germany.

As the platform operator, Viessmann brings demand and supply together. It goes without saying that Viessmann’s specialist partners can also use the platform to rent out their own mobile heating systems.

Find the right system online

Users can find the right rental company for mobile heating systems near the place they need them after only a few clicks of the mouse. Up to five rental companies can be selected and requested from the partner pool with just one request. Once users have selected an offer, the details are clarified directly with the provider, and a rental agreement can be concluded.

As part of the worry-free package, many rental companies also offer delivery and collection, commissioning, regular refueling and remote monitoring of the mobile heating system.

Use free of charge for Viessmann’s specialist partners

Use of the platform to rent a mobile heating system is available free of charge for Viessmann’s specialist partners. Accessing the platform is easy: either at  or using the MobileHeating tile in the Viessmann partner portal.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Covers short-term heating requirements
  • Fast heat supply if a heating system is out of action for a longer period
  • No interruption if a heating system is being upgraded
  • Reduce drying times and stick to deadlines
  • Worry-free package from delivery to collection
  • Available on request: offer your own systems for rent on the platform

Heating & Electricity: conveniently rent system solutions

Rent, don’t buy – Viessmann offers an interesting alternative with Heating & Electricity. Users receive a complete Viessmann system solution consisting of heating, a photovoltaic system and an electricity storage system or individual components. Instead of having to make a one-off investment, customers can rent the equipment at an attractive monthly fee.

Who is the offering suitable for?

  • Our experience has shown that the concept is aimed at four groups:
  • Customers that appreciate the convenience and security of the comprehensive service and complete warranty
  • Customers who want the security they need to plan thanks to manageable monthly installments
  • Customers that want to benefit from subsidies without having to pay upfront
  • Customers who value inexpensive financing with acquisition costs of EUR 0

How Viessmann Heating & Electricity works

Homeowners select the term they want and conclude a contract with Viessmann. Contracts usually run for 10, 15 or 20 years. Contracts for heating systems tend to run for 10 or 15 years, while those for photovoltaic systems run for 15 or 20 years. A one-off down payment can also be made if the customer wishes. This reduces the monthly installment without affecting the services offered.

A specialist partner is a must

As usual, Viessmann’s specialist partner prepares an individual quote, including maintenance costs. The quote can include all natural gas and LPG heating systems, solar thermal systems or heat pumps with outputs of up to 60 kW, electricity storage systems, PV systems with outputs of up to 24 kWp and charging stations.

The monthly installment includes all services, such as installation, warranty, maintenance and repairs. Insurance and registration are also included for PV systems. This means that the customer is protected for the entire contractual term of up to 20 years. If they rent a heat pump, they also benefit from government subsidies. Viessmann takes care of the subsidy application and provides a 100% guarantee if the subsidy is not approved in the customer’s particular case. More information and warranty conditions can be found at

Customers can also make use of potential government subsidies when they rent a heating system.

What to bear in mind

Viessmann Heating & Electricity is designed to entail minimal changes to the specialist partner’s standard processes. Only commissioning and system-specific maintenance costs have to be priced into the quote for the heating system. In cases involving systems eligible for subsidies (BAFA), the costs for automatic flow balancing also have to be provided. The system must be controlled using the  ViCare  app and must be connected to the specialist partner.

Registration must be included for photovoltaic systems. The specialist partner can opt to book the Viessmann Adminprofi for the registration and include this in the quote provided to the end customer.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Sale of high-value, cost-intensive systems that are eligible for subsidies
  • Customer relationship that is secured over the contractual term of up to 20 years
  • No risk of payment default – Viessmann is the invoice recipient
  • Quotes based on the specialist company’s individual conditions

Benefits for users

  • Purchase costs of EUR 0
  • Monthly payments that can be planned
  • Up to 20 years of comprehensive service and a complete warranty
  • Individual configuration and modular extension
  • Subsidy counts in full for heating systems

ViShare Pro: the smart electricity rate for purchasing less power from the grid

The constant rise in electricity prices, increasingly expensive fossil fuels and reliance on conventional energy suppliers are good reasons to generate the energy you need yourself in the future. With the  ViShare  Energy Community electricity rates, customers know how much they will save in the future even before the system is installed. An exact, customized quote can be calculated using the ViShare Pro rate calculator, meaning that future savings can be planned reliably.

Energy cost check and consumption buffer

The ViShare Pro Prosumer rate increases transparency for customers running a system on the power they have generated themselves. The energy cost check provides customers with information, at regular intervals, on the development of their energy costs at home and whether they are still in line with the forecast. Charts that are easy to understand illustrate the monthly energy costs and the annual volume of electricity from grid purchases, feed-in and the customer’s own power production. And if the forecast is wrong, the consumption buffer makes up for part of the excess consumption from the grid.

Everything from a single source with ViShare Pro

Make life easy for yourself. As a Prosumer, you generate your own power. You need several contracts to be able to do so, for example, with your power producer or the grid operator. With ViShare Pro, we bundle these contracts, including the feed-in proceeds, and you are left with only one payment flow.

Partner network: support in expanding sustainable climate solutions - coordinated in the spirit of partnership

Coming soon: Viessmann is planning a partner network to help its partners across the globe meet the challenges associated with the shift to sustainable climate solutions. Viessmann will be inviting new and familiar partners from Germany and abroad to benefit from additional, tailor-made solutions spanning the entire portfolio. From planning to servicing and maintenance: everything that makes working with Viessmann to find solutions for sustainable climate solutions easier and more efficient will be an integral part of the partner network.

peccon: tailored insurance solutions for specialist companies

Who can afford to be faced with bad debts? The Viessmann Group insurance service provider  peccon  offers specialist partners customized solutions to protect them from any unpleasant surprises.

Reliable protection against bad debts

Every Viessmann partner with Silver status or higher can use the SCHUFA (German credit rating agency) service via the VPlus customer portal at preferential conditions and with a simplified registration process. Given the uncertainty in the markets, factoring is also becoming increasingly important in addition to a SCHUFA report. The factoring service allows partners with Silver status or higher to assign their receivables to the insurance company AXA. It provides cover for possible bad debts and assumes responsibility for the collection process.

80% of the invoice amount is credited to the partner account within 48 hours, minus a small service fee. The remaining amount falls due after the customer has paid the invoice or the receivable is in default. This gives contractors 100% protection against payment defaults.

Whole host of advantages for VPlus partners

A convenient receivables management system means that time-consuming accounts receivable management and the troublesome process involved in issuing reminders are no longer an issue for any Viessmann specialist partner. They save time and energy and can devote their full attention to their core business. No financial documents are required for the credit check in order to participate.

Viessmann Partner Protect – one product to cover all risks

The wrong or insufficient cover can pose a risk to a company’s survival in the event of a claim. Viessmann Partner Protect, a product offered by the insurer HDI-Versicherung, offers a comprehensive insurance service to counter this risk. The product covers numerous risks, closes insurance gaps and resolves any overlaps.

The high-quality cover includes 24/7 contact with a dedicated point of contact, covers consequential damages resulting from a repair, insures material that a company has brought along for an assignment itself, covers tangible assets at new/replacement value and also provides an errors and omissions clause for any claims that are reported late.

Insure PV system free of charge in the first year

Viessmann PV Protect allows every Viessmann customer to insure their comprehensive solar thermal system against numerous risks. The policy covers PV systems with an output of up to 20 kWp. The service package developed by ARAG for Viessmann is free of charge in the first year. Three months before the policy expires, customers can take the policy over at favorable Viessmann Group conditions.

The main benefits offered by ARAG’s Viessmann PV Protect include:

  • Protection of operation-ready PV systems against theft, bad weather, short circuits, rodents (e.g., marten bites), etc.
  • Cover is provided for solar panels, the supporting structure, feed-in and consumption meters, cabling, battery storage systems, charge controllers, transformers, mobile periphery
  • Reimbursement of all costs in the event of a claim so that the system can be restored to its original condition, including work on roofs and facades due to the damage
  • Reimbursement of substantiated feed-in remuneration if the PV system is unavailable in full or in part

360° service for occupational pensions

The Viessmann Partner pension service is an unusual way of helping Viessmann partners to recruit employees and keep them within their companies. Partners with Silver status or higher can make use of a 360° service for occupational pensions. The pension service takes care of all of the processes associated with occupational pensions for plumbing, heating and air-conditioning companies. As an independent company, peccon can offer plumbing, heating and air-conditioning companies the best rates for a profitable pension package at any time.

The associated tax and social security benefits create an additional pension and allow a small fortune to be accumulated from a salary increase over the years.

More information is available at:

Benefits for trade partners

  • peccon specializes in plumbing, heating and air-conditioning companies
  • Time-saving, transparent digital processes (communication, data capture, consultancy, service)
  • More time for core business
  • Individual support provided by personal contacts
  • All services are free of charge  


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Viessmann Academy is expanding its range of face-to-face and online seminars.

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Image 2

PartnerPortal: in addition to providing an optimized overview and personalization options, the new Viessmann support in the PartnerPortal offers a direct line to contact persons, quick access to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and information on the current status of ongoing queries.

Download 4134x3987px (JPG 1 MB)

Image 3

Service Plus: the new Viessmann continuous inspection feature is an automated daily remote inspection that extends the standard maintenance interval to up to two years.

Download 4134x2756px (JPG 1 MB)

Image 4

ViContact: Viessmann Leads is a free value-added service offered by Viessmann that facilitates and accelerates the digital sales process for Viessmann products. The new ViContact portal maps the sales process in digital format – and boosts sales in the blink of an eye!

Download 4036x4134px (JPG 1 MB)

Image 5

ViGuide Planning: the new ViGuide Planning is a modular planning platform for access to consultation, planning and the preparation of quotes for Viessmann’s renewable energy solutions.

Download 2938x2016px (JPG 1 MB)

Image 6

PV calculator: Viessmann’s new PV calculator allows digital quotes to be prepared automatically for end customers.

Download 4134x3187px (JPG 2 MB)

Image 7

Adminprofi: with the Adminprofi, Viessmann now offers its trade partners a reliable and time-saving solution for the installation and commissioning of electricity-based energy systems.

Download 4134x2756px (JPG 1 MB)

Image 8

MobileHeating: Viessmann’s new MobileHeating service now offers a fast and hassle-free arrangement of mobile heating systems between rental companies and commercial tenants.

Download 4134x2895px (JPG 3 MB)

Image 9

Viessmann Heating & Electricity: everything under one roof and perfectly matched – heating, electricity and e-mobility.

Download 2625x1595px (JPG 1 MB)

Image 10

ViShare Pro: the new ViShare Pro Prosumer rate as part of the ViShare Energy Community provides customers with information every three months on the development of their energy costs at home and whether they are still in line with the forecast. The operator and contractual partner in the ViShare Energy Community is Energy Market Solutions GmbH.

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Image 11

Coming soon: the new partner network will allow specialist partners to benefit from additional, tailor-made solutions in the future.

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Image 12

The Viessmann Group insurance service provider peccon offers specialist partners customized solutions to protect them from any unpleasant surprises.

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