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Viessmann Invisible: groundbreaking climate system gives you more space at home

Viessmann surprised the experts at ISH 2023 with a groundbreaking climate solution. Viessmann Invisible combines a heat pump, ventilation module, hot water cylinder and the complete hydraulics in a pre-wall installation just 28 centimeters deep. This gives users a unique space advantage.

Just 28 centimeters deep: With Viessmann Invisible, the building services disappear behind a compact pre-wall installation.

Apr 5, 2023 –  With real estate prices on the rise, every square meter of living space is more valuable than ever. So it’s great if you can convert a room previously used for building equipment and appliances into additional living space – to enjoy as your own oasis of well-being with a sauna, for example. With Viessmann Invisible, a groundbreaking heating and ventilation solution that creates valuable extra space within the home that can be freely designed is now available. This innovative climate concept once again sees the family business live up to its corporate mission statement, “We create living spaces for generations to come."

Considerable design freedom thanks to modular construction and individual design surfaces

The modular system is designed for homes spanning up to 200 sqm of heated living space. It combines the latest-generation Vitocal heat pump, an optional ventilation module, a DHW cylinder and the full set of accessories, including all of the piping, in a compact pre-wall installation that is only 28 centimeters deep. The standardized, factory-configured modules allow for versatile installation options, giving architects and builders alike new freedom when designing the floor plan for a house.

The modules for the Viessmann Invisible are installed without any housing. This gives customers the option of having the front and side wall design customized, choosing from a wide range of materials, such as wood or kitchen surfaces. They can even opt for mirrored surfaces.

Save on heating costs with a highly efficient air/water heat pump

The central element of the innovative climate solution is the Vitocal 200-SI heat pump module. The air/water heat pump features a split design and has an output of between 2.6 and 9.0 kW. It is highly efficient with a COP (coefficient of performance) of up to 5.0 (at A7/W35 based on EN 14511), giving it an energy efficiency rating of A++. This ensures cost-efficient heat generation. The heat pump is also available in a version that can be used as a cooling system on hot summer days. A 250-liter primary cylinder that also fits into the module, which is only 28 centimeters deep, offers customers a convenient hot water supply.

The ventilation module ensures that the ambient air is always clean.

The best possible ambient air quality, high levels of energy efficiency and ease of installation – Vitoair FSI is the ventilation module for the Viessmann Invisible range. With a maximum flow rate of 300 cubic meters an hour, it is suitable for homes covering an area of up to 280 sqm. The cross-flow heat exchanger recovers up to 80 percent of heat from the extract air and feeds it back into the rooms together with fresh supply air via the click-and-go air distribution system. This has advantages for both the health and the wallets of residents, as well as for the building fabric.

A whole range of installation options for individual arrangements

The installation options for Viessmann Invisible are as diverse as the homes they are installed in and their owners. The various possibilities for installation – next to each other, as a block or around a corner – allow for seamless integration into the floor plan. For example, the modules can be placed next to each other in a dedicated niche in the entrance hall. Customers opting for block assembly can use empty wall ends, free-standing walls or separate rooms. Where rooms are small and full of nooks and crannies, corner installation often opens up new living space, for example, when modernizing existing buildings.

As all Viessmann Invisible modules are delivered fully pre-assembled, they only need to be installed and connected to each other. For trade partners, this saves a substantial amount of time when it comes to planning, ordering and installation.

Greatest possible degree of self-sufficiency thanks to photovoltaics and electricity storage systems

To allow customers to be as independent of the public power grid as possible, Viessmann Invisible can also run on self-generated electricity from  Vitovolt  photovoltaic modules for large parts of the day. The  Vitocharge VX3  electricity storage system stores surplus electricity generated during the day for the evening and night hours and can supply the Viessmann charging station with electricity for an electric vehicle on request.

Viessmann Energy Management boosts efficiency

The free  ViCare  app allows users to control their system from the comfort of their smartphone. The  Viessmann Energy Management  system that forms part of the app also records energy flows between the heat pump, ventilation unit, electricity storage system and charging station and shows them clearly on the display. This gives users a constant overview of energy generation and consumption. Most importantly, however, the control systems for the heat pump module and the electricity storage system make use of the Energy Management system to ensure efficient operation. This enables the system to be operated in a particularly resource-conserving and cost-reducing manner.

Straightforward commissioning, monitoring and servicing thanks to Viessmann One Base

Commissioning, system monitoring and servicing are just as straightforward and time-saving as planning and installing a Viessmann Invisible system. The  Viessmann One Base  platform links all components with each other seamlessly, as well as with digital services such as the free  ViGuide, to create a uniform energy and climate system. ViGuide allows the system to be commissioned in a very short space of time, fully monitored using a remote connection and, if need be, serviced without someone having to be called out to the system every time, for example, if parameters have to be changed. Specialist partners can save a lot of time in this way, while their customers will also be able to consistently enjoy maximum convenience and energy efficiency as well as reliable systems.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Easier planning thanks to standardized components
  • Installation involves much less work thanks to pre-assembled components
  • All of the necessary components for the domestic connection are integrated
  • The heat pump is ideal for new energy-efficient buildings with 60 °C flow temperature
  • Self-optimizing flow rate control via Viessmann Hydro AutoControl
  • The air distribution system can be connected on the right or left side, so no condensate drain needed
  • Intelligent networking of Viessmann Invisible modules with digital services – precisely matched to one another
  • Guided commissioning and system monitoring with ViGuide
  • Connectivity Inside allows parameters to be adjusted and optimized even without a WiFi connection
  • Fast service response times (Service Link)

Benefits for users

  • More living space thanks to compact design and flexible installation
  • Considerable design freedom thanks to individual design surfaces for a wide range of possible applications
  • Behind the scenes of the front panels, all components work in perfect harmony.
  • A heat pump that is quiet as a whisper, 30 dB(A) at a 4 m distance (Super Silent)
  • Low energy costs thanks to high levels of efficiency of the heat pump with a COP (coefficient of performance) of up to 5.0 (at A7/W35) according to EN 14511; high heat recovery of the ventilation system
  • Active cooling in the summer thanks to the heat pump’s cooling function
  • Outside air filtered – important for allergy sufferers
  • Balanced humidity levels prevent the formation of mold and structural damage
  • All Viessmann Invisible modules can be controlled conveniently using the ViCare app
  • The Energy Management system provides transparency regarding consumption and costs

Technical specifications

Vitocal 200-SI:

  • Output: 2.6 to 9.0 kW
  • COP: up to 5.0 at A7/W35 (in line with EN 14511)
  • Maximum flow temperature: 60°C
  • Noise emissions: 30 dB(A) (noise pressure level of the external unit at a distance of 4 m in free-standing installation in noise-reduced mode)
  • Integrated heating water buffer cylinder: 16 l
  • Integrated expansion vessels: 2 x 18 l
  • Storage charging system: 250 l
  • Refilling system with water-softening cartridge
  • Drinking water safety group
  • Dry siphon
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth of internal unit): 2400 x 2100 x 280 mm
  • Energy efficiency category: A+++

Vitoair FSI:

  • Heat recovery: 80 percent
  • Maximum flow rate: 300 m³/h
  • Sound emission (up to 210 m³/h): 40 dB(A)
  • Filter class: F7, G4
  • Pressure losses: maximum of 200 Pa
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 1200 x 2100 x 280 mm
  • Energy efficiency category: A+++

Delivery date

Viessmann Invisible is already available for delivery.


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Image 1

Viessmann Invisible turns a room typically used for building equipment and appliances into additional living space, for example, to enjoy your own oasis of well-being with a sauna.

Download 2552x1164px (JPG 574 KB)

Image 2

Viessmann Invisible: The various possibilities for installation – next to each other, as a block or around a corner – allow for seamless integration into the floor plan.

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Image 3

More space for living: unlike in a conventional utility room (left), a Viessmann Invisible system means that the heat pump, DHW cylinder and optional home ventilation system are hidden behind a flat wall.

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Image 4

Vitocal 200-SI: heat pump with two pressure expansion tanks (right) and 250-liter Viessmann Invisible System DHW cylinder.

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Image 5

The greatest possible degree of independence in the most compact form possible (from left to right): Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system, Viessmann Invisible module with a 250-liter primary cylinder, Vitocal 200-SI heat pump and a central Vitoair FSI ventilation system. The integrated Viessmann Energy Management system gives users a constant overview of energy generation and consumption.

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