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Viessmann E-Planner: Electrical underfloor heating simple to plan

Viessmann's E-Planner 2.0 is the only planning programme that can also be used to design infrared heating systems. Both 2D and 3D representations of the rooms as well as the infrared radiation cones can be displayed. An integrated heating load calculation is also possible, either according to building typology or individual parameter entries.

Laying the Viessmann underfloor heating

Oct 28, 2019  Allendorf (Eder)  – Electric underfloor heating systems are now part of the comfort features in new buildings and renovation projects. They generate heat directly, which avoids energy losses. With the Vitoplanar EF3 and EF2, Viessmann therefore offers electric underfloor heating systems for laminate and parquet as well as tiles and ceramic coverings. For time-saving and simple planning, the free E-Planner is now available on the Internet.

Six planning steps

With just a few mouse clicks, a complete installation plan including parts list can be created exactly tailored to the requirements of the respective customer. Planning takes place in six simple steps:

  1. Select the floor plan of the room (rectangle, T-shape, L-shape, 5-sided) from a selection list.
  2. Define room dimensions, either by moving the walls in the graphic or by entering the dimensions in the clearly arranged input mask.
  3. Select floor covering.
  4. Define the interior of the room. After entering the respective dimensions, the program generates small graphics for furniture, doors and windows, bathtub, shower, etc., which are moved to their place by mouse click.
  5. The laying direction and the wall distance can now be defined in the laying view. The result is displayed immediately and contains the number, designation and size (in m2) of the recommended underfloor heating mats.
  6. The result of the individual installation planning is a parts list with all necessary data and a drawing. For time-saving calculation and quick quotation, the parts list contains all gross prices and the total amount for underfloor heating.

Other heat generators can be added easily

As the only planning tool for electric heating systems, the Viessmann E-Planner can optionally be supplemented with additional components such as Vitoplanar infrared heaters, wall convectors and electric rapid heaters. The complete planning documents can be printed out directly and saved as a PDF file on the planner's PC.

The Viessmann E-Planner can be called up from our  website.

Advantages for the market partners

  • Quick and easy planning through free online program
  • Suitable for every application
  • Underfloor heating systems tailored precisely to individual requirements
  • Optionally, Vitoplanar infrared heaters, wall convectors and electric rapid heaters can be added.
  • Easy ordering of all required components through complete parts list with gross prices and total amount
  • PDF file for saving and printing, e.g. for quotation documents

Advantages for operators

  • Decentralised heating of bathrooms, kitchens, anterooms and temporarily used rooms
  • Electrical room heating precisely tailored to your own requirements - Fast heating comfort at the touch of a button
  • Design optimally matched to your own requirements
  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Ecological operation with "green" electricity


Download 1540x866px (JPG 215 KB)

Image 1

All components can be freely positioned in the room at the click of a mouse, and the Viessmann E-planner then automatically lays the heating mats.

Download 2316x1544px (JPG 564 KB)

Image 2

As the only planning tool for electric underfloor heating systems, the Viessmann E-planner also allows the integration of Vitoplanar infrared heating systems, which can be displayed in 2D or 3D models together with their infrared radiation cone.

Download 4087x2725px (JPG 2 MB)

Image 3

Electric underfloor heating systems are now part of the comfort equipment in new and existing buildings - with the now fundamentally improved Viessmann E-Planner, their installation can be planned quickly and easily.

Download 2328x994px (JPG 164 KB)

Image 4

With the new E-Planner from Viessmann, which can be used free of charge, electrical underfloor heating systems can be planned quickly and easily.

Download 2884x1236px (JPG 609 KB)

Image 5

Today, electric heating mats are part of the comfort equipment in new buildings and renovations, in the picture Vitoplanar EF2 for tiles and ceramic coverings (left) and Vitoplanar EF3 for laminate and parquet.

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