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V+ The new Partner program

The new Viessmann partner program offers solutions to successfully tackle the challenges faced by the heating industry in the future. V+ supports everyone who is already thinking about tomorrow today: with practical solutions for the energy revolution, digitalization, employees, and entrepreneurship.

Allendorf (Eder),  Jul 18, 2019  – Viessmann is evolving from a heating system manufacturer to a solution provider for the entire living space – inside and outside buildings. The key factor here is Viessmann’s new integrated range of solutions, which seamlessly links products and systems as well as all digital services. “It is precisely these services that offer our partners entirely new opportunities to expand their business – be it Viessmann Heat or the ViShare Energy Community. The contractual partner in the ViShare Energy Community is Digital Energy Solutions GmbH. We have developed these services for you and together with you,” says Sales Director Thomas Heim with a view to the partners, adding: “Working with our partners, we have also completely redesigned the basis of our partnership and tailored it to their needs. We will develop V+ into the most comprehensive partner program in the industry.”

More information about  V+ – The Viessmann partner program.  

Motivation program and industry fitness program

“Partners for generations to come” – this was not only the motto used for the  presentation at ISH but also for the brand new V+ partner program. It is both a motivation program and the industry fitness program, with which Viessmann and its partners want to learn from each other and get fit for the future. Heim added: “With this, we are strengthening the level of identification and bringing our activities, such as training, seminars, and other services, in harmony with the performance situation and requirements of the company in question.”

Within V+, there are partner levels for which the specialist companies can qualify, for example, through innovative installations, using digital services, or training. Specifically, it is about sales points and future points. The aim is to give all partners opportunities to enhance their own business.

Viessmann offers its partners support with the four major challenges we have identified together:

  • Energy revolution
  • Digitalization
  • Employees
  • Entrepreneurship

These are the major challenges facing the industry, which, together, we should seize on as opportunities.

Energy revolution

Thomas Heim: “We are building on a partnership that has already been well established and successful for decades. Together with our partners, we set the course for the first major topic, the success of the energy revolution, years ago. We will continue to follow this path consistently because there is still a lot to be done to clear the modernization backlog in the building sector.”


Viessmann is increasingly tackling the second major topic, digitalization, in cooperation with partners. Discussions with many heating engineers have shown that the opportunities offered by digitalization are known, but they often cannot be seized upon decisively enough in day-to-day business. This is where Viessmann wants to offer support with V+.


The shortage of skilled workers is a phenomenon affecting society as a whole and is also having a huge impact on the industry. However, there are numerous examples of how companies are breaking new ground and are very successful in attracting talent for the business of tomorrow. “We want to learn from one another, build networks, and provide practical assistance,” Heim says.


And, finally, the entrepreneurship that distinguishes family businesses like Viessmann and most of its trade partners. This is about developing solutions together to make even greater use of the business opportunities in the industry. In summary, the Viessmann Sales Director says: “With V+, we are taking our partnership to a whole new level. V+ is our joint tool for sustainable development. After the launch now at this ISH, we want to develop V+ further, with our partners, and then really step on the gas.”


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The graphic symbolises the cornerstones of the Viessmann V+ partner programme: energy revolution, digitalisation, employees and entrepreneurship.

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For every purchase of Viessmann products, the Viessmann partner receives turnover points. In addition, future points can be collected, for example, for purchasing future-oriented products, participating in training courses and using digital products.

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"Partners across generations" - this is the motto of the brand new Viessmann partner programme V+.

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