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Vitocal 200-A PRO: Series production of this large heat pump has begun

With the start of production of the Vitocal 200-A PRO, a new large heat pump is now available for commercial applications. The plan is to produce four-digit quantities per year.

Vitocal 200-A PRO air/heat pump: Designed for the use in new and existing buildings with an increased heat demand.
  • Air/water heat pump for commercial applications 
  • Four-figure volumes planned per year
  • Also suitable for modernization projects thanks to high flow temperature


Landsberg am Lech/Allendorf (Eder), 12/3/2024 – The energy transition and the move away from fossil fuels is creating a growing need for heat pumps in commercial and industrial buildings. Viessmann Climate Solutions SE has built a new production line for the Vitocal 200-A PRO industrial heat pump at its location in Landberg.Series production of the air/water heat pump has now started with the capacity to produce the planned four-figure volume per year.

“The Vitocal 200-A PRO is a compact air/water heat pump that is suitable for heating, cooling and DHW generation both in residential buildings, schools and office buildings and in commercial buildings,” Markus Dönges, head of production management at Viessmann Deutschland GmbH, explains. “The volumes that can now be achieved in production make it even easier for us to cover the growing need for renewable energy systems for larger output ranges,” Dönges adds. The expansion of production also contributes to the Viessmann corporate mission statement: “We create living spaces for generations to come.”

Heat pump with high flow temperature for new builds and modernization projects

Vitocal 200-A PRO is available with rated outputs of 32, 64 and 128 kW and cooling output of 29, 58 and 117 kW. The system can be cascaded if a greater output is required. Flow temperatures of up to 65 °C enable use both in new and existing buildings.

Highly efficient scroll compressor and enhanced vapor injection permit high coefficient of performance

Highly efficient scroll compressors (with 1, 2 or 4 compressors, depending on the model) with multi-stage output matching, electronic expansion valves and the tried-and-tested process of enhanced vapor injection ensure low electricity demand and high coefficients of performance. Enhanced vapor injection, also known as EVI, involves a certain quantity of refrigerant being channeled off behind the condenser, evaporated in an additional heat exchanger and then injected directly into the compression process. This means that, even when outside temperatures are low, higher flow temperatures are achieved than with many conventional heat pumps, while also maintaining high coefficients of performance (COP) of up to 4.75 (at A7/W35 based on EN 14511).

High quality thanks to innovative manufacturing execution system

The particularly high quality and resulting long durability of the Vitocal 200-A PRO is guaranteedby features including the digital manufacturing executions system (MES) that Viessmann has implemented for the first time in Landsberg. It records and documents, among other things, all relevant production steps and enables a direct link as well as feedback to the serial number of the manufactured device. This provides live insights into the state of production and allows all essential assembly steps to be inspected at any time.

System control with Vitocontrol 200-M

Vitocal 200-A PRO can be connected to the tried-and-tested Vitocontrol 200-M – a modular, powerful system control unit with a graphical user interface – using an optional ModBus. The system control unit can be adapted to suit the customer’s specific requirements and shows clear performance and consumption data for the heat pumps and the energy system as a whole on the display.

Benefits for trade partners 

  • Fast installation thanks to factory-installed switching, control and safety devices
  • Connection to Vitocontrol 200-M system control unit (optional ModBus)
  • Makes servicing easy – one cooling circuit design for 3 system types
  • 24/7 online monitoring

Benefits for users

  • Also ideal for modernization projects with flow temperatures of up to 65 °C
  • High coefficients of performance thanks to highly efficient scroll compressors
  • Multi-stage output matching with electronic expansion valves
  • Compact dimensions for space-saving outdoor installation
  • Vibration isolation for low noise emission values
  • Weather-proof housing due to multiple layers of coating
  • Attractive state subsidies (for 64 and 128 kW output sizes)

Technical specifications

  • Heat output: 32, 64, 128 kW
  • COP (coefficient of performance): up to 4.57 (for A7/W35 under EN 14511)
  • Cooling output: 29, 58, 117 kW (A35/W7)
  • Maximum flow temperature: 65 °C (down to -7 °C)
  • Energy efficiency category: A+/A++


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Designed for the use in new and existing buildings with an increased heat demand: The Vitocal 200-A PRO air/heat pump is available with rated outputs ranging from 32 to 128 kW and can also be cascaded if needed.

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The Viessmann Vitocal 200-A PRO air/water heat pump is an essential component for regenerative system solutions that supply heat and power to office, residential and commercial buildings.

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