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Everything from a single source: system solutions for power, heat and mobility

Electricity-based energy systems make a positive contribution to climate protection and reduce dependence on energy supplies from abroad. Viessmann offers everything for this from a single source. A wallbox for intelligent charging of electric vehicles and a sub-distribution unit now complement the range of products for electrical energy systems.

From Viessmann, everything from a single source: system consisting of heat pump, hot water tank, home ventilation, photovoltaic system, charging station and electricity storage.

Apr 12, 2023 - Electricity-based energy systems are on the rise. They not only make a positive contribution to protecting the environment, but also make us less reliant on energy supplies from other countries. Viessmann’s integrated range of solutions offers everything from a single source: powerful photovoltaic modules and electricity storage systems, highly efficient heat pumps, state-of-the-art electric heating systems and helpful digital services like  Energy Management  via the  ViCare app. The range of products for electrical energy systems has been enhanced to include a wallbox for the smart charging of electric vehicles and a sub-distribution unit.

Charging station: the straightforward, safe and efficient way to charge electric vehicles

The charging station is the ideal complement to a  Vitovolt  photovoltaic system, for example, in combination with the  Vitocharge VX3  electricity storage system. Using solar power to charge electric cars increases personal consumption of self-generated electricity, cutting mobility expenses for the increasingly expensive mains electricity.

The charging station offers a charging capacity of up to
11 kW (3-phase) with the type 2 charging cable (7.5m) to enable straightforward, safe and efficient charging. An MID meter, cable holder and secure RFID authorization for several users make the station easier to use.

Use surplus solar power to save costs

The  Viessmann One Base  platform allows the wallbox to be integrated directly into the Energy Management process. The ViCare app gives users full transparency over the charging process and their charging autonomy. The “green charging“ function allows users to use exclusively solar power to charge their vehicles, in particular, together with the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system or a  Vitocal  heat pump. If need be, users can use the “mixed charging“ mode to charge their electric vehicle quickly using mains electricity and solar power.

High levels of operational reliability with blackout protection

The Energy Management process also checks the maximum power that the domestic connection offers and adjusts the charging capacity automatically when several devices are being operated. The “blackout protection“ feature guarantees operational reliability while maximizing the charging capacity available at the same time.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Enhancing the product portfolio to include electric charging systems
  • All components for electricity-based energy systems from a single source
  • Coordinated system technology for easy installation
  • Easier installation using EEBUS in the ViGuide mobile app

Benefits for users

  • Wired connection to the Viessmann Energy Management system
  • Transparent charging processes and PV surplus charging in the ViCare app
  • Integrated MID meter to facilitate billing for company vehicles
  • Blackout protection thanks to automatic adjustment of charging capacity
  • LED status information
  • Integrated cable holder
  • RFID card system with user allocation via a mobile device
  • Eligible for subsidies from the German state-owned development bank, KfW

Technical specifications

  • Charging capacity: 3.7/11 kW (1/3-phase)
  • Integrated DC fault current protection
  • Charging cable: type 2 (7.5m)
  • RFID card reader
  • Compatible with Viessmann One Base and Viessmann GridBox
  • Dimensions length (depth) x width x height: 259 x 220 x 475mm

Delivery date

The new Viessmann charging station is already available.

The faster route to a complete energy system thanks to the pre-assembled sub-distribution unit

The challenge associated with networking the various components of an electrical energy system and connecting them to the power grid is now easy to master, thanks to the new Viessmann sub-distribution unit.

Future-proof: further system components can also be added later on.

Viessmann’s pre-assembled sub-distribution unit offers all of the necessary electrical pre-wiring and fuses for a 3-phase Viessmann One Base energy system comprising, for example, Vitocharge VX3,  Vitocal 25x-A  and a charging station. The sub-distribution unit can also be used for subsystems (for example, only one Vitocal heat pump). Further components can then be added at any time in the future. These include, for example, a Vitocharge VX3 energy storage system, making you less reliant on public power supply companies.

Greater security thanks to the Viessmann Adminprofi

We recommend that you use Adminprofi to plan the sub-distribution unit and verify its compatibility with the energy system. Adminprofi is the digital application assistant for Viessmann’s electricity-based systems. All of the necessary information is provided in a matter of minutes, removing the need for any time-consuming communication with the grid operator. Following receipt of the feeding confirmation and successful commissioning by the specialist company, Adminprofi registers the market master data. Find out more at

Benefits for trade partners

  • Save significant time thanks to a much easier process in connecting 3-phase energy systems consisting of Vitocharge VX3, Vitocal 25x-A and a charging station.
  • Integrated energy meter to measure the current at the grid connection point
  • Can be extended to include prepared connections
  • No need to expand the main meter cabinet in modernization projects
  • Pre-testing reduces the potential for electrical connection faults
  • Suitable for standardized electrical distribution in modernization projects and in (prefabricated) new builds

Benefits for users

  • Future-proof energy system that can be expanded at any time
  • Saves additional costs as there is no need to extend the main meter cabinet in modernization projects

Delivery date

The Viessmann sub-distribution unit has already been launched on the market.


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Viessmann’s new charging station is the ideal complement to a Vitovolt photovoltaic system with the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system.

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Thanks to its pre-assembled connection options, the Viessmann sub-distribution unit offers extensive options for expanding the energy system. Further system components can also be integrated at a later date.

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