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New developer portal for joint development projects in the area of smart home automation | Unique access to Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering data | Available at

Home page of the new Viessmann API portal.

Allendorf (Eder), Sep 1, 2021  – “Together we create living spaces for generations to come.” In keeping with its purpose, Viessmann has smoothed the way for cooperative development projects in the area of smart home automation. Via the new API portal (Application Programming Interface), developers can now quickly and easily add heating and ventilation systems in third-party applications – for example, in smart home systems. Users benefit from the seamless integration of devices into their own solutions. For Viessmann, the API portal is a window on new fields of application that promote innovation in the developer community.

Creative, innovative and individual

With the new portal, developers can work together with Viessmann to realize tool-based approaches and solutions – creatively, innovatively and individually. The portal thus provides unique access to data in Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering. For example, it allows developers to adapt parameters for energy saving and CO2 reduction based entirely on individual requirements, or to design apps for complete control of home automation.

Access in just a few steps

The Viessmann API portal is available at In a few steps and less than five minutes, you can begin calling up the Viessmann APIs.

  • Discover the APIs: All Viessmann APIs can be found in the API documentation. Under “Choosing the right API,” you can find instructions on finding the suitable API for your specific case.
  • Create an account: To log in to the developer portal, you need a Viessmann account. This is the same account that you already use to log in to the ViCare app, for example. If you don’t have an account, you can also register online for access to the portal.
  • Call up the API key: An authentication process takes place before you can use the APIs. This involves calling up the API keys and creating a new client.

Start development for free

Access to the basic functions of the Viessmann Developer Portal - e.g. heating system basic functions, ventilation and hot water storage tank functions - and a basic set of API calls is free of charge. This allows users to start developing and integrating their applications immediately.

In addition, various paid offerings will soon be available that provide access to even more functionality or an even higher number of API calls.


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Home page of the new Viessmann API portal.

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