Electricity and heat in a system: the most important innovations for The smarter E Europe 2023 trade fair

From June 14 to 16, 2023, Viessmann will present innovative system solutions for electricity and heat at The smarter E Europe trade fair in Munich. One of the highlights this year is the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system. In the future, up to three storage units can be connected in cascade and then offer a total capacity of 45 kWh.

Electricity and heat in a system

June 14, 2023 – Electricity-based energy systems are the future. They not only make a positive contribution to protecting the environment, but also make us less reliant on energy supplies from other countries. Viessmann Climate Solutions SE will present this year’s innovations in Hall B1 of the Munich trade fair from June 14–16, 2023. The business has taken a big step toward becoming a full-service provider for electrical system solutions in buildings by rolling out new products and services in line with its mission statement, “We create living spaces for generations to come.” 

Vitocharge VX3: New generation electricity storage system can be cascaded in the future

At the core of the smart energy systems for heat, power and electromobility is the new generation of the modular Vitocharge VX3 hybrid electricity storage system. In the future, up to three Vitocharge VX3 units can be connected in cascade. Since each storage unit can accommodate up to three battery units of 5 kWh storage capacity each, a total of up to 45 kWh total capacity can be provided. The inverter comes in three performance classes, both 1-phase and 3-phase, to optimally adapt Vitocharge VX3 to photovoltaic systems up to 12 kWp. 

Viessmann Invisible: groundbreaking climate system gives you more space at home

The market leader for heat pumps has launched an absolute first of its kind in the world with Viessmann Invisible. The modular system combines the latest-generation Vitocal heat pump, an optional ventilation module, a DHW cylinder and the full set of accessories, including all of the piping, in a compact pre-wall installation that is only 28 centimeters deep. This creates more space in the house, for example for a recreation room or for a wellness oasis with sauna.

Charging station: the straightforward, safe and efficient way to charge electric vehicles

With the new charging station, supplemented by a Vitovolt photovoltaic system combined with the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system, Viessmann offers intelligent integration of e-mobility into electricity-based energy systems for the first time. This complete solution makes it possible to charge electric vehicles intelligently, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Viessmann Energy Management: the efficient way to use energy

Viessmann Energy Management is fully integrated into the new generation of the electricity storage system and the new Vitocal heat pumps. It is designed to ensure the maximum use of self-generated electricity and optimizes the interaction between the photovoltaic system and the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system with the heat pump and the and the new Viessmann charging station for electric vehicles. This reduces energy costs and is the best way to help protect the environment. The ViCare app on users’ smartphones or tablets displays energy flows in the building in real-time. 

ViGuide: A clear overview of both mobile and stationary applications

The ViGuide digital tradesman’s tool for commissioning and remote maintenance of Viessmann energy systems is now available for two different applications: as the ViGuide Mobile version for smartphones and tablets, as well as for stationary use on office computers. The new ViGuide Pro package includes the continuous inspection, which performs an automatic online check of the connected customer installations on a daily basis. Further advantages include extended maintenance intervals, early detection and rectification of faults. 

Services: Viessmann launches ambitious service campaign

Viessmann has expanded its portfolio of services considerably. These include the new PV calculator and the future partner network. 

The PV calculator allows digital quotes to be prepared automatically for end customers. The new PV calculator automatically generates a non-binding quote based on the data entered by prospective customers and the individual calculation data stored by the specialist partner. 

The planned partner network is designed to support market partners across the globe to meet the challenges associated with the shift to sustainable climate solutions. Viessmann will be inviting new and familiar partners from Germany and abroad to benefit from additional, tailor-made solutions spanning the entire portfolio. From planning to servicing and maintenance: everything that makes working with Viessmann to find solutions for sustainable climate solutions easier and more efficient will be an integral part of the partner network.

Be online

Interested parties can also participate online via viessmann.live and follow all events of the Viessmann trade fair program and gain insights into the latest system solutions. 


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Viessmann Invisible turns a room typically used for building equipment and appliances into additional living space, for example to enjoy your own oasis of well-being with a sauna.

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Smart energy systems are the future: With the combination of electricity storage systems, PV system, wallbox, heat pump and ventilation system (from left), a household can be supplied sustainably and efficiently.

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Viessmann’s new charging station is the ideal complement to a Vitovolt photovoltaic system with the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system.

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Viessmann Energy Management optimizes energy flows in the building and ensures the cost-saving and efficient operation of energy systems comprising the Vitocal heat pump, PV system, Vitocharge electricity storage system and wallbox.

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Taking service to the next level: the continuous inspection feature in ViGuide Pro conducts automatic daily online checks on all connected customer installations. This means that specialist companies can keep an eye on their customers’ energy systems from any place and at any time without incurring any additional effort.

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Coming soon: the new partner network will allow specialist partners to benefit from additional, tailor-made solutions in the future.

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