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Next generation gas condensing technology

How do you develop a gas condensing system that is easier to install, operate and maintain than previous heat generators? Viessmann has not only relied on the expertise of its engineers and technicians, but has also drawn on the experience of its partners in the trade.

Vitodens 300-W, Vitodens 333-F, Vitodens 343-F (from left to right)

Jul 8, 2019 - The result of this collaboration is a new generation of Vitodens gas condensing boilers. It is future-proof, durable, and digital, and it offers greater efficiency, fewer emissions, and easy operation. And it is attractive, too: the next generation of Viessmann wall-mounted gas boilers.

Award-winning design: beautifully simple – simply beautiful

The new gas condensing boilers feature a particularly high-end and advanced design:

  • Vitodens 300-W, the space-saving wall-mounted boiler,
  • the compact boiler Vitodens 333-F with integrated 100 liter stainless steel cylinder, and
  • the Vitodens 343-F energy center with 170 liter solar cylinder for immediate or subsequent combination with Vitosol solar panels.

Its matte white powder coating Vitopearlwhite is unique in the market. Together with the attractively designed housing and the ultra-flat front panel, the heat generators blend harmoniously into any living environment. The improved sheet thickness provides more stability. The Vitodens 300-W wall-mounted boiler won the Design Plus Award and the IF Award for its innovative design.

Height-adjustable color touch display for maximum ease of use

Operating a wall-mounted gas condensing boiler in an uncomfortable position, for example, because it has been installed in a room with a low ceiling, is a thing of the past. The position of the display can be changed from bottom to top with a few simple steps. The ergonomically optimal operating height can thus be quickly achieved in all installation situations.

The seven-inch color touch display is intuitive to use. The colored graphics on the energy cockpit give a quick overview of consumption and solar heat yields. The light guide attached to the display, a strip of fluorescent light across the entire width of the boiler, provides information about the correct operation of the heat generator at a glance:

  • when the heat generator is switched on, the light guide illuminates evenly.
  • In standby mode, the light guide pulsates evenly.
  • The strip of light acknowledges a new setting via the touchscreen or smartphone with a flashing light.
  • In the event of a fault, the light guide flashes.

Integrated WLAN for maximum convenience and peace of mind

The technical basis for the color touch display is the new modular electronics platform. It has integrated WLAN as standard and enables networked communication between the heat generator, user, and specialist partner on a consistent digital basis. The user can conveniently control their heating system at any time using the ViCare app and, if desired, engage a specialist company of their choice for system monitoring via the Vitoguide digital service center. With Vitoguide, the specialist partner can identify maintenance requirements and possible faults early on, change parameters online, and in the worst-case scenario, act before the home gets cold. This is the highest level of peace of mind and convenience. Additional advantage: For all new heat generators connected, Viessmann offers an extended warranty from two to five years.

Heating with a good environmental conscience

The newly developed MatriX-Plus burner ensures maximum reliability and at the same time the highest level of efficiency in the new device generation. With a modulation range of up to 1:17 at maximum flame stability, the burner adjusts the heat generation precisely to the current demand. This reduces the number of burner ignitions (cycles) to a minimum, which ensures maximum efficiency (standard efficiency up to 98% – Hs), particularly low fuel consumption, and up to 40% lower NOx emissions than before, so users can have a good environmental conscience. The heat generated by the MatriX-Plus burner is transferred to the heating system via the tried-and-tested Inox-Radial heat exchanger made of stainless steel.

Reliable operation even with fluctuating gas properties

Regardless of whether the type of gas is changed, the gas properties fluctuate, or the operating conditions change – the Lambda Pro Plus automatic combustion control unit in the Vitodens gas condensing boilers ensures that they always operate reliably and cleanly with maximum efficiency. The Lambda Pro Plus also gives the user a cost advantage: regular inspections by chimney sweeps are only required every three years, instead of every two years for conventional boilers.

During installation, the adjustment work required for conventional gas boilers is also not necessary. The combustion control unit recognizes the type of gas and automatically adjusts the Vitodens boiler accordingly. The flue length and height adaption feature automatically adapts the heat generators to the resistance of the flue as well as to the height.

Easy installation and start-up via ViStart app

In addition, the new gas boiler generation makes the day-to-day work of the specialist partner easier in many respects. With the height-adjustable display, challenges like starting up the boiler in an uncomfortable position are a thing of the past. The enhanced start-up assistant guides the installer through the initial start-up in just a few steps – or they can use the new ViStart app on their smartphone or tablet.

ViStart enables intuitive start-up. After activating the boiler’s integrated Wi-Fi access point, the app automatically establishes a direct connection to the heat generator and guides the specialist partner through the entire process. No Internet interface is required, as communication with the control unit takes place directly via the WLAN interface of the heat generator.

Easy to maintain – around 50 percent fewer spare parts on stock

Maintenance has been made as simple as possible. The modular design of the new boiler generation and the range of accessories not only means around 50 percent fewer spare parts, but the complexity of the product range has also been reduced substantially. For example, the new MatriX-Plus burner for all outputs (1.9 to 32 kW) requires only one flame body, one ignition electrode, and one burner seal.

For the predecessor, specialist partners had to have three flame bodies and three different electrodes due to different radii. Advantage: The specialist company can stock fewer and uniform spare parts, thereby reducing costs.

Advantages for market partners

  • Low cycle frequency even with low heat consumption
  • Durable and efficient due to Inox-Radial heat exchanger
  • MatriX-Plus burner with long service life due to stainless steel MatriX perforation
  • Reduced costs due to fewer spare parts and less complexity
  • Automatic combustion control unit Lambda Pro Plus for all gas types
  • Quiet operation due to low fan speed
  • Easy to use due to height-adjustable 7-inch color display or via ViCare app
  • Simple start-up due to start-up assistant or ViStart app
  • Integrated WLAN interface for Internet connection

Advantages for users

  • Especially simple, intuitive operation and integrated WLAN interface
  • High level of operational reliability due to automatic Lambda Pro Plus combustion control unit
  • Greater efficiency and up to 40% fewer nitrogen oxides due to new MatriX-Plus burner
  • Energy cockpit for visualizing energy consumption and solar yields
  • Correct operation always visible due to fluorescent light guide
  • High level of hot water convenience in the smallest of spaces due to 100 liter stainless steel cylinder (Vitodens 333-F) or 170 liter solar cylinder (Vitodens 343-F)

Technical data

  • Output: 1.9–32.0 kW (Vitodens 300-W, 333-F) or 1.9–19.0 kW (Vitodens 343-F)
  • Standard efficiency: 98% (Hs)
  • Modulation range: 1:17 (Vitodens 300-W, 333-F) or 1:10 (Vitodens 343-F)
  • Energy efficiency class: A


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Our Viessmann gas condensing boilers come in a new design

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The user can conveniently control his heating at any time via the ViCare App and, if desired, activate a specialist company of his choice for system monitoring.

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The new Viessmann Vitodens 343-F compact device with a 170 litre solar cylinder is prepared for the immediate or later connection of solar collectors.

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Image 4

The Viessmann Vitodens 333-F compact gas fired condensing boiler has a 100 litre DHW cylinder for high DHW convenience.

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