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Vitoair CT PRO: New ventilation system with above-average heat recovery

Larger offices, daycare centers, shops, meeting rooms and apartment buildings place special demands on ventilation systems. The new Vitoair CT PRO ventilation unit is tailored precisely to these requirements.

Ventilation system Vitoair CT PRO
  • New ventilation system for smaller commercial applications
  • High heat recovery
  • Can be expanded on a project-related basis

Allendorf (Eder), 06/07/2024 – Vitoair PRO by Viessmann is a powerful ventilation solution for offices, childcare facilities, shops, enclosed public spaces and apartment buildings. We are now expanding our existing range of Vitoair FS PRO and CS PRO options—which each come in four different sizes—with two sizes of the new Vitoair CT PRO. The unique feature of this latest addition is its vertical air duct connectors, which greatly reduce its footprint.

High levels of heat recovery reduce energy costs

One of the key strengths of the Vitoair CT PRO is its above-average heat recovery rate of up to 84% (in accordance with EN 308), achieved through the use of counter-flow heat exchangers. This reduces the loss of ventilation heat compared with traditional window ventilation, as well as ongoing heating costs. The ventilation system is also more efficient to run due to its low flow velocities and accompanying low loss of pressure. The Vitoair CT Pro can achieve airflow rates of between 600 and 1800 m³/h.

Expandable based on project specifications

Like all units in the Vitoair PRO series, the new Vitoair CT PRO can also be expanded to suit your project. Electric and hydraulic reheating and preheating coils are available for this purpose. High-quality pocket filters in a range of categories ensure healthy ambient air conditions and long maintenance intervals.

Variety of installation options, simple commissioning

As the smallest product in the Vitoair PRO range, the Vitoair CT PRO is perfect for installation in niches or corners. Vitoair PRO ventilation units can also be commissioned easily and intuitively on a smartphone with the Vitoair PRO mobile app. In addition, they feature ModBus (RTU or TCP/IP) and BACNet interfaces for integration into a building management system (BMS).

Benefits for building services planners

  • Viessmann is your single point of contact for the entire system
  • Online Vitoair PRO Select tool for planning
  • The right type of unit for almost every project
  • CAD data to enable easy integration into planning software, including text formulation for tenders
  • Extensive options and accessories
  • Webinars and tutorials

Benefits for trade partners

  • Simple installation with an intelligent device concept
  • Time-saving hygienic maintenance and fast filter changes
  • Intuitive and fast commissioning using a smartphone or tablet
  • Nationwide support
  • Viessmann is your single point of contact for every product range

Benefits for users

  • Cozy temperatures and healthy room conditions
  • High heat recovery for lower energy costs
  • Reduced odors and CO2 concentration
  • Safe and convenient ventilation when windows are closed
  • Convenient control from a smartphone or tablet via a LAN interface

Technical specifications

  • Airflow rate: 600 to 1800 m³/h
  • Heat recovery: up to 84%
  • Energy-saving IE4 EC direct current fans
  • Filter pockets: ePM10/65% (M5)/ePM1/55% (F7), optional: ISO ePM1 80% (F9)
  • Modulating bypass for frost protection and summer/nighttime temperature control

Delivery date

Vitoair CT PRO will be available from Q2 2024.


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One of the key strengths of the new Vitoair CT PRO ventilation system is its above-average heat recovery rate of up to 84% (in accordance with EN 308) using counter-flow heat exchangers.

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