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New product group: electric hot water systems from Viessmann

As part of the energy revolution and with the expansion of wind power and photovoltaic plants, electricity is becoming one of the main energy sources in the heating market. Viessmann is therefore expanding its comprehensive product range to include Vitotherm tankless water heaters and electric hot water storage tanks, as well as Vitoplanar infrared heaters, quick heaters, wall-mounted convector heaters, and underfloor heating systems.

Mar 15, 2018 -  As part of the energy revolution and with the expansion of wind power and photovoltaic plants, electricity is becoming one of the main energy sources in the heating market. Viessmann is therefore expanding its comprehensive product range to include electronically controlled tankless water heaters, compact and mini tankless water heaters, and wall-mounted electric hot water storage tanks and small hot water storage tanks. Specialist tradesmen therefore get everything from a single source: efficient heat generators for all energy sources, innovative fuel cell heaters for the simultaneous generation of electricity and heat, high-performance photovoltaic systems, and energy storage devices as well as the complete system technology.

Electric tankless water heater for maximum convenience

The modern, fully electronic Vitotherm tankless water heaters are inexpensive to buy, only consume electricity when hot water is needed from a tap, and do not incur any maintenance costs. In addition to the low costs, the user benefits from ease of use – the appliances can be set to the exact degree and maintain this temperature even when hot water is required from several taps at once. The comfort tankless water heaters Vitotherm EI2, EI4, and EI6 offer rated outputs of 18 to 27 kilowatts, and the compact solutions Vitotherm EI3 and EI5 of 3.5 to 13.5 kilowatts.

Vitotherm EI2 – fully electronic with color display and 4S feature

In the fully electronic Vitotherm EI2 with color display and 4S feature, the inlet sensors, outlet sensors, and flow rate sensors for infinitely variable automatic output adjustment and a processor-controlled motor-driven valve guarantee a constant water temperature set to the exact degree (30 to 60°C) with maximum flow rate. The appliance is designed for 18, 21, and 24 kilowatts. Wellness shower programs, eco features, programmable storage features, and automatic water volume control ensure a very high level of hot water convenience. The multifunctional display shows temperatures, flow rate, energy consumption, and time.

Grant for replacing an old tankless water heater

A 100 euro grant is available when you replace an old tankless water heater with a modern Vitotherm EI2. You can find all the information about this at:

Vitotherm EI4 – the all-rounder with 3S feature

The electronically controlled Vitotherm EI4 tankless water heater with a choice of outputs of 18, 21, and 24 kilowatts is characterized by its infinitely variable choice of temperatures from 30 to 55°C. Permanent scald protection can be set at 43°C. The all-rounder with 3S feature has an inlet and outlet temperature sensor and a flow sensor for infinitely variable output control.

Vitotherm EI6 – ideal for the property development business with 2S feature

Ideal for the bathroom – with a three-stage temperature selector switch for 30, 45, and 55°C, the Vitotherm EI6 always offers the desired temperature for bathing and showering. The 2S feature includes an inlet temperature sensor and a flow sensor with output control. Vitotherm EI6 is ideal for the property development business, for the replacement of old appliances in apartment buildings, and for renovations.

Vitotherm EI3 – compact and space-saving

The electronic tankless water heater Vitotherm EI3 is particularly suitable for the kitchen. It delivers hot water temperatures set to the exact degree. Preheated water up to 55°C can be reheated by the compact tankless water heater. The electronic safety concept and the integrated scald protection feature ensure safety. With an installation depth of just ten centimeters, the compact and space-saving appliance can be easily installed under the sink or a handbasin.

Vitotherm EI5 – hot water convenience in mini format

Efficient, hydraulically controlled, and attractively priced – the Vitotherm EI5 mini tankless water heater is ideal for supplying hot water to a single handbasin, for example, in guest bathrooms or office buildings. The appliance is offered with 3.5, 5.7, and 6.5 kilowatts output and is suitable for under-sink mounting and for connection to any standard pressure or pressureless tap.

Vitotherm EW4 and EW6: electric wall-mounted hot water storage tanks with up to 150 liter capacity

The wall-mounted hot water storage tanks Vitotherm EW4 and EW6 are designed for installation in the bathroom or utility room. They are available with cylinder capacity of 30 to 150 liters. From a volume of 80 liters, the appliances have sufficient reserves for a bath. Several taps can also be supplied – for example, a washbasin and shower at the same time. The rapid heat-up button can be activated if required.

The temperature is infinitely variable and can be set to the exact degree from 35 to 85°C. The Vitotherm EW4 has an electronic keypad: the EW6 a control knob.

Eco features for high efficiency

Three pre-settable eco features support the efficient and economical operation of the Vitotherm EW4:

  • Eco Balance: Feature for maximum hot water convenience at all times. The target temperature can be set manually to between 61 and 85°C. If the appliance detects low hot water consumption over the course of a week, it automatically reduces the target temperature to 60°C and saves energy.
  • Eco Efficiency: Additional energy saving: only after 40 percent of the cylinder contents have been removed does the appliance automatically heat up to the target temperature of 60°C.
  • Eco Energetic: The appliance evaluates the consumption times and volumes for one week. In the following week, it then provides the required mixed water volume. This energy-saving mode is ideal when hot water is always drawn at the same time, for example, before work or school. If the consumption times change, for example, during holidays, the Vitotherm EW4 automatically adapts to the new consumption behavior.

Seven-segment display shows operating status

All basic settings are made just once directly on the digital control panel and are then stored. In addition, the backlit display shows the available hot water volume, energy consumption, the specified desired temperature, and various pieces of information on the current operating status. The appliance has an external current anode.

Vitotherm ES2 and ES6: small hot water storage tank with savings potential

With a cylinder volume of five liters, the Vitotherm ES2 and ES6 small electric hot water storage tanks are fast suppliers of hot water in the kitchen or office. The pressureless appliances with 2 kW output only require a 230 V socket for connection.

Both hot water storage tanks are equipped with the thermostop feature, which leads to annual electricity cost savings of up to 30 euros. The ES2 also has an anti-drip feature that prevents dripping during heating. In addition to lower water consumption, this feature prevents limescale deposits.

Advantages for market partners

  • Large variety of models – suitable for every application: open or closed applications, from 5 to 150 liters
  • Simple and fast installation
  • With switchable output (EI2/EI4/EI3)
  • Easy to replace all standard tankless water heaters
  • Easy fastening system with integrated compensation for uneven walls
  • Insertion aid for connecting cable
  • Comprehensive safety concepts

Advantages for users

  • Comfort tankless water heater for fast and efficient supply of hot water
  • Electronic tankless water heater for water temperatures set to the exact degree and for different applications
  • Saves energy and water – only the water actually required is heated
  • Efficient – short pipes for fast availability of hot water
  • Compact tankless water heater for high water temperatures, for example, in the kitchen (type EI3)
  • Mini tankless water heater for quick installation, for example, for the guest bathroom (type EI5)

Technical data

Rated output:

  • 18 to 27 kW (Vitotherm EI2, EI4, EI6)
  • 11 to 13.5 kW (Vitotherm EI3)
  • 3.5 to 6.5 kW (Vitotherm EI5)
  • 2 kW (Vitotherm ES2 and ES6)
  • 2 to 6 kW (Vitotherm EW4 and EW6)

Energy efficiency class:  A (tankless water heater), wall-mounted hot water storage tanks have different efficiency classes

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The Vitotherm ES2 small electric cylinder from Viessmann is particularly suitable for the kitchen.

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With Vitotherm EI2, Viessmann offers a fully electronically controlled instantaneous water heater for excellent DHW convenience.

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The Vitotherm EW4 electric wall mounted cylinder from Viessmann has eco functions for particularly high efficiency.

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