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Viessmann Heat Pump Protect: new all-risk insurance against theft and damage

From storm and hail damage to vandalism and theft – the outdoor units of air/water heat pumps are often exposed to many dangers. With the new all-risk insurance Viessmann Heat Pump Protect, system operators can now protect themselves.

With Viessman Heat Pump Protect, operators of Viessmann heat pumps can look to the future reassured.
  • Insurance against theft, vandalism, storm and hail damage, and numerous other risks
  • Avoiding high secondary costs
  • Retrofitted heat pumps are often inadequately insured

Allendorf (Eder), Germany, Feb. 23, 2024 – Operators of Viessmann air/water heat pumps who have insured their external component against theft and damage with Heat Pump Protect can look reassured to the future. The external component, which is often installed in an exposed position in front of or behind the house, is unfortunately also at risk of theft or vandalism, which usually proves costly. Viessmann Climate Solutions now offers insurance to protect against these risks. In doing so, the company underscores its clear commitment to offering not only the best heat pumps, such as test winner Vitocal 250-A, but also easy, worry-free solutions for specialist partners and end-customers.  

Important for retrofitted heat pumps

Particularly in the case of retrofitted heat pumps, the external component is generally not automatically covered by home insurance and must be subsequently added to the policy by the insurer. This usually results in an increase of the insurance premium. Even then, damage resulting from natural hazards, loss of use and operating faults are often not covered.  

In order to fill these gaps and ensure that the external component is adequately insured against all relevant risks, Viessmann Climate Solutions SE, through its subsidiary peccon and in partnership with ARAG Versicherungs-AG, has created special insurance exclusively for operators of Viessmann heat pumps. In addition to insuring heat pumps against theft and vandalism, Heat Pump Protect also covers damage from natural hazards such as storms, hail, lightning, flooding and even damage caused by animals as well as operating faults. Viessmann customers can rest easy knowing that they are insured up to a sum of 20,000 euros.  

Easily take out an insurance policy online

peccon GmbH are responsible for the distribution and sale of the new insurance as well as for providing advice in this regard. For detailed information and the option to take out an insurance policy online, visit  

For in-depth advice, you can also contact peccon GmbH directly via e-mail ( or by telephone (+49 941 38339778).


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Insuring heat pumps against theft and damage: with Viessman Heat Pump Protect, operators of Viessmann heat pumps can look to the future reassured.

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